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Stacy LeClair Inspire Day Spa Scottsdale

Hi there, my name is Stacy and I am the founder of Inspire Day Spa. The idea of Inspire Day Spa came from my passion for nature, people and the spa industry. Mercado Del Lago is the perfect setting to bring all of it together! The outdoor activity area combined with the opportunity to actually breathe in fresh air surrounded by the beautiful lake views. It was easy to say YES!

Daily city life can takes it’s toll on our mental well-being: Managing our families, bills, combating traffic and a long list of “to do” items sometimes makes us forget our purpose.

Sometimes the outside world moves too fast. When we allow ourselves to slow down, even if just for a little while, we start to reconnect and become inspired once again. Inspire Day Spa is perfect for finding your center, healing an overstimulated mind, enhancing a vacation, practicing self-care and enjoying the benefits of your hard work.

“It’s challenging to open a business in Scottsdale! I couldn’t have done this without my partner and the amazing women in my life. The spa environment has brought so much joy and healing to my own life. I love the people who choose this amazing and challenging profession. The spa industry is a movement, an association that wants to offer the much-needed peace of mind for a noisy world. I am humbled and excited to be a part of this and introduce Inspire Day Spa to this beautiful community.”

Our team works very hard to ensure you have an relaxing and memorable service.  Our mission is to enhance the quality of your life, help you slow down and inspire you with the surrounding beauty.  I hope you enjoy the experiences we have set out to create for you.

When you support a small business, you are voting for individual expression. You are supporting a dream, adding value to the community, funding jobs and betting on the underdog. I am thankful and honored for your patronage.


How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?