The latest trend to revolutionize massages…Day spas across the country are offering the luxuriously relaxing bamboo massage. Coupling ancient technique and ideas with modern amenities and spa practices, a bamboo massage Phoenix style is something you really need to try firsthand in order to truly understand how wonderful it feels.What is a Bamboo Massage, Phoenix |Inspire Day Spa

At Inspire Day Spa we specialize in serene and absolutely soothing bamboo massage Phoenix sessions. We frequently have inquiries regarding what a bamboo massage entails and the benefits you get from it. So we thought we’d break it down…

Understanding Bamboo Massage Phoenix Style

The therapist will actually use several different pieces of bamboo varying in length and diameter. The array of bamboo sizes used accounts for the techniques and also the areas targeted. So for example, the longer and thicker pieces are primarily used for the back and thighs. They provide more of a gliding/rolling motion that can help loosen tense muscles. Similar to a hot stone massage, with a bamboo massage the sticks are heated up. This creates even more of an amazing sensation. You truly will feel the pressures and stress of your day literally melt away during your bamboo massage Phoenix session.

What is a Bamboo Massage, Phoenix |Inspire Day Spa

Some of the Benefits of a Bamboo Massage

Beyond of course putting you completely at ease and making otherwise tense muscles feel so soothed, there are a few additional benefits that clients get from this kind of treatment.

  • The exterior of the bamboo stick is covered in silica. Silica has some incredible properties, among them: it offers a restorative effect to your body’s skin.
  • The motion of the bamboo coupled with the technique of the therapist help to stimulate blood circulation.
  • The bamboo massage can help to remove lactic acid from the body and in turn has the ability to reduce pain in targeted areas.
  • Many have found that following this type of massage they are better able to sleep. And consequently they experience a fuller night of sleep.
  • Some even suggest that a bamboo massage can in fact be a great alleviator of migraines.


Bamboo Massage at Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa

The benefits of bamboo massage are almost too many to list. Not only does it help your body heal in some ways, but it is also an experience that affects the mind and spirit. At Inspire Day Spa, we are about a holistic approach to all of our treatments. Yes, you may want to unknot tense muscles, address sore spots. But you also want a moment during which you can feel inner peace and calm.

Everything about our facility was designed with this goal in mind. Allow people to feel at one with themselves, to feel reinvigorated and just happier in general. From our gorgeous lakeside setting, to the highly trained staff, to the luxurious interior and treatment rooms, we ensure that everything is on point for your visit. Attention to details matters! And especially with something like a bamboo massage—we make sure all of the facets of your visit lend themselves to the kind of day you dream about.

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How Can We Help?