We’ve had so many people come to Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix to experience the best cleanse facial they’ve ever had. It’s about the products we use, the knowledge of our highly trained estheticians and the attention to detail. We want you to leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, and with our cleanse facial, that is precisely how you will feel.Cleanse Facial | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

So what types of facials can you choose from at Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa? There truly is something for everyone. Below we break down the types of facials we offer and a little bit about the results you can expect from each.


Understanding the Cleanse Facial…And so Many Others

Let’s start with the basics…

  • Deep Pore Cleanser—the ultimate cleanse facial. This one was designed to exfoliate, extract and ultimately leave the skin smooth and polished looking. So many guests request this particular facial because it does such a tremendous job of getting into those pores and then amply hydrating the skin.
  • Be Gentle Facial—some do have to content with sensitive skin issues. This is why we created the be gentle facial. Just because you do have some irritation or redness for instance, this doesn’t prohibit you from getting a Phoenix day spa facial. In fact, this one is perfectly suited to sensitive skin, as the products used help soothe and calm your complexion.
  • Age with Grace Facial—We all want to find that which can help fight the signs of aging. Enter, our Age with Grace facial. It plumps, moisturizes, tones and firms. There really is no better way to get smoother and more supple looking skin.
  • LeClair Organic Facial—one of our signatures, this facial has become incredibly popular with our guests. A comprehensive treatment, the LeClair Organic facial utilizes only the best products from the LeClair line—you get the benefits of ingredients like pineapple, acai berry and avocado. Totally gentle and ever so healthy.

Cleanse Facial | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

What to Expect After Your Phoenix Spa Cleanse Facial

So what happens once the facial is complete? What can you expect? Is there any after care you should be aware of? For one, lay off of the heavy, oily makeup. Your skin has just been infused with high quality serums and enzymes. Give these time to absorb and to work. Also, when washing your face for the first couple of days, be gentle. Your skin may be a bit more sensitive depending on the treatment. You don’t want to irritate it by scrubbing too hard.

Also try to avoid activities in which you are apt to perspire a lot. So for instance working out or going to the sauna. The increased sweat can disturb newly exfoliated skin.

At Inspire Day Spa we are always happy to review every step of your facial treatment—start to finish. We would love to be your choice for your next facial. Stop by for a consultation or feel free to give us a call and book your appointment. We look forward to pampering you!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?