So how do you determine what is the best massage spa for you? With so many to choose from, so many techniques, how can you be sure it is the perfect one for your needs? At Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix, we have worked with numerous guests. Our goal is always to consult with them, find out what they’re trying to accomplish and provide an absolutely amazing massage.

As far as how we determine the best massage spa for you, it begins with an assessment of what areas you may be trying to target. For example, is your neck really tight? Are you having joint pain? Is the lower back the issue? Depending on what type of ache and where you may be trying to alleviate pain, our therapist will recommend the ideal massage. Also, you might be simply looking for some relaxation. The soothing properties of a good massage can be magical. Whatever you’d like—as always, we are here to accommodate.

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Deciding which is The Best Spa Massage for You

Prior to booking your appointment, you may want to assess exactly what your goal is with a spa massage. Below is a list of questions to help get you thinking about the kind of massage might be the best spa massage for you.

  • Am I looking to address a certain type of ache or pain? Again, this may be back pain, or neck pain. Perhaps you just underwent surgery and you have residual pain as a result of that. Being as specific as possible will help your therapist understand the overall situation. In this instance you might be a great candidate for deep tissue massage or even a full body massage.
  • Do I want to destress? At Inspire and New Serenity Spa we get many guests who are simply looking to destress and forget their cares for awhile. Did you know that a hot stone massage has an almost sedative effect and can thus be an incredible stress reliever.
  • Are my joints feeling stiff? Stiff or aching joints can certainly be helped by massage. In fact, we highly recommend Swedish massage in this circumstance as the best spa massage for you. It’s been known to have a wonderful effect on arthritis symptoms.
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The Best Massage Spa for You Really Does Begin With You

These are just a few questions to get you started. You need to take the time to see how you feel, evaluate what areas might need more attention, and think about how you’d like your massage experience to go. We’d love for you to visit our gorgeous Scottsdale area location and see what treatments and of course massages we can offer you!


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How Can We Help?