So you’re incredibly excited to be able to schedule an appointment for a facial. Get away for a bit, relax, and enjoy the benefits of a soothing and rejuvenating spa facial. You’d be surprised how many have never been to a facial spa Scottsdale based. In fact, when clients come into Inspire Day Spa, they often have questions regarding what to expect from their facial treatment. That is why we wanted to take this opportunity to outline some of what you can anticipate when you go for your facial spa, Scottsdale style.What Can I Expect of a Facial Spa in Scottsdale? | Inspire Day Spa

Knowing What’s Going to Happen During Your Scottsdale Facial

A facial is one of the absolute best things you can do for your complexion: hydrate, moisten, tone and firm. You will leave Inspire Day Spa feeling totally invigorated and refreshed. What can you expect when you arrive at the best facial spa Scottsdale has to offer…Essentially it’s a multistep process that targets your primary skin concerns. So for instance, some facials will have an anti aging focus, some may target sensitive skin, we also offer organic acne facials. It really depends on what you desire from your facial experience.

  • First off, you want to work with an experienced esthetician who will sit down with you and review your skin type, concerns and the results you hope to achieve from your spa facial treatment.
  • The first step is going to be cleansing the skin. Your hair will either be wrapped or headbanded. There may be more than one cleansing during your facial process.
  • Some facials incorporate steam in order to open up those pores, and ultimately help soften the skin.
  • This is then followed by an exfoliation. Exfoliations are done in a couple of ways and again will depend upon the type of facial you are getting. It could be done using a tool such as in microdermabrasion. Additionally, there are certain acids and enzymes that can be used for an exfoliation.
  • There is almost always a massage component, whether a facial massage, scalp, potentially even hand and arm. Remember, this is as much about relaxation as it is rejuvenating your skin.
  • Usually then a facial mask gets applied—the mask and consequent products used directly correlate to the type of facial and your ultimate goal.
  • Finally, the esthetician may apply a toner and/or serum. This helps lock in the effects of the facial.

What Can I Expect of a Facial Spa in Scottsdale? | Inspire Day Spa

At the Best Facial Spa Scottsdale has to Offer We Like to Pamper Our Guests

Whether visiting Inspire Day Spa for a facial, a massage, a body wrap, what have you, our goal is to always make you feel completely at peace, and of course pampered. People don’t necessarily get facials everyday—for many they are a treat. And so certainly you want to go to a day spa that pays attention to the details, that is beautiful and serene both inside and out and that can offer you a truly relaxing experience which enables you to let those cares just melt away for awhile.




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How Can We Help?