Have you ever had a spa facial before? If the answer is no, then you may be wondering what exactly you can expect from your first facial. At Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa, we have the chance to work with numerous people as they experience their first facial. It definitely makes us happy to help these guests feel comfortable, relaxed and once the treatment is done, totally excited about how their skin looks and feels. If indeed you are considering getting your first Phoenix spa facial, keep reading for some tips and information regarding what to expect…

Getting Your First Facial…Here’s What You Need to KnowWhat Can I Expect From My First Facial? | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

So you are booking your appointment and are ready to experience your very first facial. How exciting! We can’t wait to introduce you to this type of spa treatment. It’s all about a combination of relaxation and tranquility along with the ultimate in skincare. Your face will feel amazingly smooth and silky soft afterward.

First off, you will consult with a highly skilled and certified esthetician. This is key. Everyone’s skin is different and thus everyone’s skin will respond differently to different techniques and products. At Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix, we only use all natural, 100% organic LeClair Skincare products—meaning, you only get the absolute best as far as ingredients. Products containing super foods like blueberry, avocado, acai and pineapple really add to that first facial experience.

Once you determine the type of facial you will have done, depending on skin type and the desired results, then you will generally put on a robe and relax for a bit. Facial treatments start with a thorough cleansing. The skin is daily exposed to the exterior elements and free radicals. It’s so important to remove these from the surface so that whatever products are used are absorbed in a healthy and powerful way.

There could additionally be an exfoliation which entails some sort of enzyme used to break up dead skin cells. Your esthetician may also perform an extraction of those stubborn blackheads and pore clogging bacteria. Almost all facials have a thorough moisturizing and hydrating component. And some even include face/scalp massage, perhaps even a hand and arm massage. It’s not solely about the body, but a facial is also very much about soothing your mind and spirit.

What Can I Expect From My First Facial? | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

At Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa Your First Facial Will Be Amazing!

Our goal of course is to help you to feel utterly at peace and calm. You are taking time out from the pressures of your life to do something special for YOU! We want it to be an absolutely perfect first facial experience. Whether you choose our signature Inspire Facial, an Age with Grace Facial, Mommy to Be Facial, or a customized facial designed specifically for you, we know you will be beyond thrilled with the results.

Again, we only utilize the all natural, organic LeClair Skincare line. Also, Phoenix based, LeClair Skincare responsibly sources all of their products and all are chemical and paraben free; in other words, you can trust what is going on your skin. Call today to book your first facial appointment!

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How Can We Help?