You’ve been planning this massage spa excursion for weeks now. You’re looking forward to the utter relaxation you know you’re going to get to experience. Time away, from work, from kids, from the everyday grind of life for a while. What more could you ask for? This should be a time for you to feel special, pampered and completely at ease. This is why we want to offer you some insights into what exactly you should expect from your trip to an Arizona based day spa when going to get a massage. Below is a brief overview of a massage spa day as well as some of the different types of massages that are offered.

What Can You Expect from a Massage Spa Experience? | Arizona | Inspire Day Spa

Going to a Massage Spa: What Happens Next?

You are so ready to let your cares just melt away, as an experienced massage therapist helps you to unwind, decompress and simply relax. Generally, when first coming to an Arizona day spa, you will get a robe and slippers. Also, most give you some form of refreshment while you await your massage treatment—tea, coffee, other such beverages.

Once you go into the actual treatment room to receive your massage, you will discuss with your therapist any potential problem areas, spots to be avoided, sections that you would like worked on. The type of massage you select will also serve as a guide for your therapist in terms of technique and any applications used.

Your massage will be made all the more serene and tranquil by virtue of dim lights and soft meditative music. Aromatherapy could also be a part of the massage spa experience. One thing is certain…In the end, you will feel absolutely amazing.


Inspire Day Spa: Offering a Variety of Massages

In the world of massage, there are a number of different kinds of treatments you can select. From hot stone, to bamboo massage, to Swedish, below is a description of each that we offer here at Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix, AZ.What Can You Expect from a Massage Spa Experience? | Arizona | Inspire Day Spa

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How Can We Help?