When caring for dry skin, the key really is to use the kinds of products that go deeper, that infuse beneath just the surface and provide some real moisture. Especially if you are often prone to dry skin, you want to stay on top of it. At Scottsdale based Inspire Day Spa, we’ve had many guests inquire about how to care for dry skin. Recommending some truly beneficial facial treatments and suggesting products they might utilize on a regular basis, we have helped many people overcome dry skin issues. Below are some spa services along with product recommendations that you might try when it comes to how to care for dry skin.

How to Care for Dry Skin | Scottsdale | Inspire Day SpaIf You Have Dry Skin…

Certainly there are some common sense things/steps you can take to try and alleviate your dry skin problem. A few include:

  • Limiting your showers/baths
  • Using warm rather than hot water
  • Ensuring you dry off thoroughly afterward
  • Covering your body in an effective moisturizer following your shower
  • Installing a humidifier in your home

And yes, doing these things will definitely help you care for your dry skin. Beyond that though, you may find that you need to take additional steps to infuse your skin with moisture. Visiting a Scottsdale area day spa, you will discover that there are a number of treatments specifically designed to combat dry skin. You might consider for instance:

  • Facial treatments. Particularly if you notice that your face feels tight and dry, perhaps it’s even a bit flaky and itchy, a facial could be just what you need to give it that extra boost of hydration. There are a variety of facials from which to choose. From those which target the signs of aging and thus leave skin plumper, softer and smoother, to those deep cleansing and exfoliating facials which rid the surface of old dead, dry skin and thus reveal the new and fresh skin beneath—there really are some great options.
  • Body wraps. Most Scottsdale spas will offer some sort of body wrap. And yes, there are those that address the lack of moisture in your skin. As the topical formula is left on and the treated areas wrapped in plastic, it really does absorb deep into the skin. This is definitely one treatment which infuses your body with a ton of moisturizing ingredients.

Beyond Spa Treatments, Products You Can Try

How to Care for Dry Skin | Scottsdale | Inspire Day SpaWhen it comes to how to care for dry skin, there are also products that you can purchase and use daily at home to help with dry skin issues. For example:

  • Organic Apple Stem Cell Night Cream: the power of Swiss apples really does give this hydrating formula that superfruit boost. Packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants, it truly brings new moisture to your skin.
  • Organic Acai Mask: in some ways it really doesn’t get any more hydrating than this mask. The power of the acai berry is amazing as it deeply infuses your skin with moisture.

We would love to offer even more tips and suggestions for dry skin issues. Stop in or call and book your next appointment!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?