From Chris Hemsworth to Jennifer Lawrence, today’s hottest celebrities are all about skincare. Without question they want to look their best. A glowing complexion, radiant skin. Modern era high def cameras pick up absolutely everything. And so, celebrity skincare is a no-brainer. Many A-list celebs actually use the same types of products and undergo the same treatments that we offer here at Inspire Day Spa.

Phoenix has all of the same amazing advanced skincare treatments as Hollywood. Below are some of the latest skin trends to which celebrities subscribe in order to keep their complexion looking movie star perfect!

Celebrity Skincare Phoenix and Scottsdale

The Secrets Of Celebrity Skincare

When it comes to celebrities and their skin, of course nothing is too good. From the products they use to the types of facials they have done, to the advanced treatments they rely upon, here is a quick guide to understanding the skincare practices of the stars.

  • All-Natural, All Organic. As much as celebrities love having great skin, they also love using products which do no harm to the environment. Eminence products are hugely popular as far as celebrity skincare goes. And right here in Scottsdale, we offer the same types of Eminence serums and topical lotions that you will find stars like Anna Farris and Katherine Heigl actually using.
  • The Beauty of a Hydrafacial. According to, people like Kate Winslet are falling in love with the benefits of the hydrafacial. This is a process through which your skin undergoes both a thorough exfoliation and a rich and replenishing moisturization. It takes years off and brings the glow back!
  • Best Kept Celebrity Secret: Microneedling. In the celeb world, microneedling is becoming a fast favorite. As far as celebrity skincare goes, this is a treatment designed to give your face more volume and smoothness. A go-to for the Kardashians, if it’s good enough for Californians it’s certainly good enough for Phoenix-based natives.
  • You’ve Got to Try Microdermabrasion. Experienced by stars such as Shakira and Naomi Campbell, this treatment helps erase those fine lines that start to creep up as we age. Microdermabrasion leaves the skin soft and silky.

You Too Can Get Celebrity Skincare Treatments

At Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa we specialize in treating everyone like a celebrity. Skincare treatments for celebrities range from topical treatments, to laser treatments to exfoliating procedures. And we can offer you a wide array at our gorgeous lakeside setting. Stop in today and have celebrity-worthy skin in no time.

Celebrity Skincare Phoenix and Scottsdale

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