The battle against acne can at times seem a hopeless one. You try tons of over the counter products, you consult with dermatologists and yet nothing seems to be working. Acne can leave people feeling less confident in their looks and thus in themselves. We understand that. Which is why at Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa we take the time to really listen to the concerns of acne sufferers so that we can recommend the most appropriate treatment. We’re often get questions about the effectiveness of a chemical peel for acne. Actually, we’ve had some tremendous results when it comes to performing a chemical peel for acne issues. As many may not be familiar with what such a peel entails, we wanted to break it down here.

Why a Chemical Peel for Acne? | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

Getting a Chemical Peel for Acne? What You Should Know

So first off, a chemical peel is a process by which an acid such as glycolic or alpha hydroxy is applied to the skin. This in turn serves to break down the outer layer of the epidermis—in some ways it’s like a more intense exfoliation. As the skin eventually peels off, underneath there is a new and fresher looking skin that comes to the surface.

Following your peel, depending on the type of acid used, the healing time can be around 7-10 days. During this period you’ll notice redness as well as some flaking and peeling. You most definitely want to limit your exposure to the sun, and if you do go outside wear a good sunscreen.

So How Does a Chemical Peel for Acne Work?

Why a Chemical Peel for Acne? | Phoenix | Inspire Day SpaAcne appears on the outer most layer of skin. Therefore, by peeling this away and thus revealing the smooth and clear skin underneath, you truly will see results almost instantly. Think about it—the chemical peel is getting rid of that skin layer primarily affected by the acne. And so when that is gone, you only stand to have brighter, clearer skin.

It’s not just for acne treatment either. A chemical peel also does wonders when it comes to diminishing the look of lines and wrinkles. If you suffer from hyperpigmentation a peel definitely helps get rid of the unevenness and age spots. It can aid in the removal of everything from scaly patches to scars to freckles. The key is the consultation. Prior to any Phoenix spa treatment, you absolutely want to sit down with your esthetician, discuss all concerns and in the process have them thoroughly evaluate your specific situation. All people are different, all skin is different and therefore treatments often have to be adjusted.

At Inspire Day Spa, our number one priority is to ensure our guests receive the optimal as far as day spa treatments. We get that each customer who comes into our facility is unique, with their own unique needs. And that is how we approach spa care. Come visit us at our Phoenix lakeside location, see all that we have to offer you for your spa experience—inside and out. We want you to have an amazing day at the spa!

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How Can We Help?