Here’s the thing…Of course no one likes that their skin is showing the signs of aging. The crow’s feet, the fine lines, the laugh lines. Whatever you want to call it, your skin is reacting to the passing of time as everyone’s does. Fortunately, we live in an era where there are numerous skincare treatments to help combat these signs of again. One such treatment: a chemical peel for wrinkles.

At Inspire Day Spa, as well as at our sister location, New Serenity Spa, we’ve done many a chemical peel for wrinkles. Clients love how they feel afterward. More importantly, they love how they’re skin does look younger, smoother and firmer. Is a chemical peel for wrinkles right for you? Should you investigate other Arizona spa skincare options first? Below we answer some questions that guests over the years have asked us regarding chemical peels when it comes to the fight against wrinkles.

Chemical Peel for Wrinkles? | Arizona | Inspire Day Spa

Arizona Day Spas: Offering a Chemical Peel for Wrinkles

Q: What is a chemical peel?

A: So basically a chemical peel involves the application of a topical solution; this could be glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicyclic acid for example. The acid in turn reacts in a controlled manner to disrupt the top layer of skin. After approximately fifteen minutes, this acid is peeled away and the new, fresh skin beneath now has a chance to grow. There may be some slight redness. But the results are evident—wrinkles diminished.

Q: Is there any downtime with a chemical peel for wrinkles?

A: Most can resume normal activity immediately. Again, there may be a little redness for up to two weeks, and so we do recommend keeping skin hydrated and protecting it with a good sunscreen.

Q: Does the process hurt at all?

A: While you are having your chemical peel, you may notice a slight burning sensation. This is completely normal. Often, putting cold compresses on the area after treatment can alleviate the stinging you might feel.


Some Additional Question From Arizona Spa Customers

Q: How long do the results of a chemical peel last?

A: That will really depend upon a combination of factors. From skin type, to any other treatment you receive in conjunction with your chemical peel for wrinkles, to how often you repeat the process. Many of Inspire Day Spa’s clients have noticed that with repeated peels the results do tend to be more noticeable.

Q: How do I prepare for a chemical peel?

A: About a week prior to your treatment try and avoid certain processes in the area to be treated, such as waxing and any other such hair removal treatments. You may also want to refrain from getting any facial scrubs the week before your peel. Certain cosmetic treatments should be stopped as well. We would be happy to review the list of dos and don’ts in regard to your Arizona spa chemical peel.

Chemical Peel for Wrinkles? | Arizona | Inspire Day Spa

Inspire Day Spa and Chemical Peels for Wrinkles

If this is something you have been considering but still aren’t quite sure, we’d love to consult with you regarding any of our spa skincare treatments. Stop in or call and schedule your consultation or appointment today!

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