Perhaps your anniversary is coming up. Or maybe a big birthday. Perhaps you need an excuse to get away just the two of you, together finally! Why not look into a couples spa package? This is the ultimate way to bond, to reconnect and to share a close and intimate moment while having your muscles and mind relax.

At Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix, we love to pamper the couples who come in. This is about them after all. Beginning with a relaxing couples massage, maybe an oxygen facial, perhaps a rejuvenating seaweed body wrap, we make sure their spa day is one to remember!

Couples Spa Packages | Romantic Couples Massage | Inspire Day Spa | Scottsdale


A Couples Spa Package: Why It’s Important!

We all know that love works in stages. There’s the newness and excitement of first love, and there’s the comfort and intimacy of mature love. A couples spa package really is ideal for any couple, at whatever stage of love they happen to be in. We thought it would be fun to look at some of the stages of love and see exactly why each would benefit from a visit to a day spa.

  • The Unconscious Stage: You’re not really unconscious, but you haven’t met that person yet. You’ve only spotted him or her across the room, walking down the street, maybe checking into their day spa appointment. Yes, love can happen at a day spa—we’ve seen it! And while you may not be ready to book your couples spa package, you know that the chemistry is definitely there.
  • The Early Romance Stage: This is where people are crazy happy and excited to be falling in love. Here is what the romantic comedies are selling. In some ways, there really is nothing like the very beginning. Why not make it even more spectacular with a couples massage. A day at the spa just the two of you and your blossoming love—sounds like heaven to us too!
  • The Comfortable Love Stage: Some of the tingle has worn off, but you’re still deeply in love. Maybe it’s not fireworks every second of the day, but this is deeper. This is where you really know that this person could be the one. You connect on multiple levels, you have the same dreams for your future. This stage is pretty great too! Again, a couples spa day only serves to bring a little of the spark back and solidify the love.
  • The Forever Love Stage: Those who know they found their soulmate are definitely in the forever stage. You are in some ways very much a part of one another. Your connection could not be stronger. We love catering to those who’ve been together for a long time. The electricity between them, the intensity of their intimacy is real. And a couples spa package is the perfect gift to give this couple, trust us.

Couples Spa Packages | Romantic Couples Massage | Inspire Day Spa | Scottsdale

Inspire Day Spa’s Couples Spa Package – How We Spell Romance

Whatever stage of love, whatever level of romance, we want to help you make it even more magical. Come into our stunning lakeside location and experience a luxurious couples spa day. You can also visit New Serenity Spa for great couples package discounts.

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