It’s almost Valentine’s Day! And you know what that means. Time to think romantically. Time to devise the perfect plan for a passion-filled day. Of course at Inspire, we think going to a couples spa Phoenix based would be the ultimate Valentine’s treat. What could be better than a soothing massage, relaxing music, the scenic lake? That sounds amazing to us too!

In Arizona, most couples spas are going to offer a variety of services designed to help you feel closer. And they most definitely help you to relax. You need this break. You need an escape just the two of you. Especially come Valentine’s Day, visiting a Scottsdale or Phoenix based couples spa could help reignite the passion and rekindle the relationship.

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The Less Obvious Benefits of Visiting a Couples Spa Phoenix

So we all know that relaxing massage, breathtaking scenery and the peacefulness of it all are great reasons to visit a couples spa in the Phoenix area. But what about the less obvious reasons? Below is a list of some things that you may not have thought about.

  • Play Hooky for A Day and Feel Spontaneous. We all on occasion need that “sick day” from work. Not to mention, taking a day off especially in the name of love, can bring with it a hint of riskiness and spontaneity.
  • The Amazing Aromas. A day spa is not just about facials and massages—though, at New Serenity and Inspire, those are certainly top notch. Spas also offer aromatherapy. What is aromatherapy? According to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, aromatherapy helps to enhance the body’s natural healing response. Incredible extracts and essential oils make your couples spa day even that much better.
  • You Can Dress Comfortably. Ditch the work suit and uncomfortable shoes. When visiting a couples spa in Phoenix, come prepared for utter relaxation. This means be comfortable, dress comfortable. Everything about the day should be carefree, easy and feel good.
  • There may be Discounts Available. Who doesn’t love a deal! Depending on the day and the couples spa package, you may find that the spa is offering some sort of discount. Now you can enjoy a calming and soothing couples massage all while knowing you saved some money—win-win!
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Couple Massage Suite at Inspire Day Spa. The best couple massage room in Scottsdale with lake views, private balcony and plenty of room to relax and enjoy. The most romantic sunsets at a Day Spa in Phoenix.

Inspire: The Best Couples Spa Phoenix Around!

We all know the obvious benefits of visiting a couples spa in Phoenix. Precious time alone together, a massage designed to melt your muscles, the gorgeous lakeside setting. Do something amazing for your loved one and book an appointment at Inspire Day Spa. We guarantee you’ll never want to leave!


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