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Scottsdale, Arizona

Inspire Day Spa offers you the best of both worlds for your next day spa experience.  Our nature setting next to Lake Marguerite will help you relax in the comfort of our luxurious relaxation room.  Our nature setting is the ideal place to incorporate wellness and a healthy lifestyle into your visit. Whether you are here in between flights, a local resident in our community or just looking for a place to enjoy with friends, Inspire Day Spa is the ideal location for your next spa day.  Enjoy award-winning spa treatments in one of Arizona’s most beautiful locations


How to enjoy your day at Inspire Day Spa


  • Reserve one of our award-winning spa services and simply and/or…
  • Experience the peace of watching the ripples of water in Lake Marguerite when a small breeze hits the water or a bird lands.
  • Enjoy birds singing in the trees surrounding the lake.
  • Check out of your hotel and relax before your flight in our serene relaxation room.  We will even take care of your bags.
  • Watch flocks of seasonal birds land and take off in front of you.
  • Connect with beautiful old trees flowering in the spring or dropping their leaves in the fall.
  • Enjoy hiking and walking around the lake on a cool morning or a glorious afternoon.
  • Rent a bike next to our spa with one of our packages and ride along the lake taking it all in while you exercise and give your body and mind a much needed distraction.
  • Enjoy a romantic package by the lake at sunset and watch the beautiful colors reflecting in the water.
  • Sit in our balcony overlooking the beautiful waters of Lake Marguerite sipping a cup of your favorite tea or coffee.
  • Watch our seasonal eagles raise their young and fish in the lake soaring over Lake Marguerite.
  • Enjoy the best of Arizona’s weather connected with nature while you relax in the comfort of Inspire Day Spa.
  • Take a walk to find the elusive Cardinal, Oriole or Vermillion Fly Catcher that frequents the lake.
  • Stop by the afternoon just before sunset and enjoy the magnificent color of an Arizona sunset reflecting over the waters.
  • Reserve your next couples massage for the most romantic spa experience you’ve ever had
  • Book your service in the early morning and watch nature come to life.
  • Celebrate your next bachelorette party or office spa day in the luxury of Inspire Day Spa and surrounded by perfect lake views.
  • Leave the city life behind and enjoy this beautiful oasis in the middle of town where spa meets nature.
  • Watch bikers takes leasure rides by the boardwalk.  Rent your own bike and join the fun and excitement before or after your treatment.
  • Bring a picnic basket, find your favorite tree or bench by the lake and relax in nature.
  • Take a deep breath, smell the fresh air that comes off the lake, kick back in the relaxation room and simply relax. You would not want to be anywhere else.
  • Watch the fishermen patiently waiting for that perfect moment when he fish strikes.
  • Bring a friend and enjoy the more relaxing Spa in Scottsdale.
  • Bring your favorite book and stay as long as you want while enjoy the sounds of nature, the calm of the water and the beauty of this amazing oasis in the city.
  • Take it all in with our all-day recovery package or reserve a nature connect package for a sample of what Inspire Day Spa has to offer.


Make Inspire Day Spa the place for your next Day Spa experience. We offer spa services for men and women.


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How Can We Help?