The concept of a massage centers on relaxation. It involves helping the muscles to untense so that your whole body feels more at ease. Sometimes the idea of a deep tissue massage can be a bit intimidating to people. The fact is, deep tissue massage when performed by an experienced therapist who knows how to address problem areas, can be incredibly soothing.

At Inspire Day Spa, our therapists understand how to effectively perform deep tissue massage. Their focus is on helping the client take care of any sore spots, any persisting aches and pains and ultimately relax.

What is Involved with Deep Tissue Massage?

The purpose of such a massage really is to help break up knots. Because of this, therapists often use not just their hands, but knuckles, elbows and forearms. The key is to penetrate deeply while breaking down muscle tissue that is at an uncomfortable level.

The process consists of applying deep pressure along the length of the muscle. The therapist may begin by lightly “warming up” the area and thus preparing it for the more intense part of the massage. Also, deep tissue massage will usually involve some form of pressure applied across the muscle itself. So not simply along the length of the muscle but in the opposite direction as well.

What are the Benefits of this Type of Massage?

Often used to treat a variety of back pain, deep tissue treatments can help release the tension that causes our backs to feel cramped and sore.  This is also very helpful in your hamstring and thigh area, where again, cramps are a common occurrence. It’s about undoing the source of the cramp and helping muscles to heal.

At Inspire Day Spa we’ve worked with clients recovering from injury, those who have sports related issues and even those battling sciatica. Again, the important thing is to have a therapist who thoroughly understands the process. You also want someone who will consult with you and thereby find out your needs and concerns first.

We offer deep tissue massage packages designed to make you so much more comfortable. Feel free to stop in, talk to our therapists about the treatment and schedule your deep tissue massage today!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?