The benefits of deep tissue massage truly are incredible. People who come to our lakeside, Phoenix based spa often do so for a massage. And deep tissue massage has quickly become one of our most popular. The soothing and healing properties of this type of massage certainly are an enticing draw. Of course, the way in which our first class therapists make the guests feel completely relaxed and at ease heightens the experience all the more!

Deep Tissue Massage | Spa Treatments | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

Deep Tissue Massage: Healthy and Soothing

According to Massage magazine, one of the most important benefits of this particular type of massage is the way in which it can actually help to heal. When the body is injured, especially joints and ligaments, scar tissue can form over time. This in effect, makes movement increasingly difficult. At both Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa in the Scottsdale area, we always consult with our clients first to find out about the types of muscle and joint pain they may be experiencing.

Deep tissue massage is also amazing for coping with stress. Life can be hectic. Sometimes we get caught up in the chaotic schedules, the grueling days, the grind of work. These stressors can really take their toll. Did you know that stress has been directly linked to high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and depressive disorders? Giving yourself some downtime and a deep tissue massage to relax and melt your stress away is just smart.

With a deep tissue massage you also can help to more effectively manage chronic back pain. Perhaps there is nothing worse than lower back pain. As you get older this can get more intense. Inspire Day Spa’s therapists understand how to deal with aches and pains stemming specifically from the extensor and flexor muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage | Spa Treatments | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

Scheduling Your Deep Tissue Massage

Prior to booking your appointment, you may have some questions regarding deep tissue massage. Some of the most commonly asked:

  • Will it hurt? A trained therapist will understand exactly how much pressure to apply and how deeply to knead. Not to mention, we know that listening to our clients and really paying attention to their needs is paramount to a truly enjoyable experience.
  • How many sessions should I have? That really depends on you. If you find that the deep tissue massage is helping your condition, booking multiple sessions may help you heal or feel better faster.
  • How long does a deep tissue massage last? Generally, the treatment lasts 50 minutes.


We would love to discuss the various massage treatments we offer here at Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix. Feel free to stop in or give us a call.

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