The dermapen has become a very popular treatment across Scottsdale area spas. Essentially, used in microneedling, dermapen treatment is when a special tool with tiny needles rolls across the skin’s surface. The benefits of this are tremendous, which is why so many have come in requesting dermapen treatment. When googling “dermapen treatment near me,” be sure and find about what to expect and what type of aftercare is recommended.

At Scottsdale’s Inspire Day Spa, we always consult with guests before and after a dermapen treatment, or any other such treatment for that matter. It’s about understanding your skin, what’s best for it, and what treatment may be most advantageous in terms of getting you the desired results. This is why we want to take a moment and outline some of what you can expect with a “dermapen treatment near me.”

Dermapen Treatment Near Me | Scottsdale | Inspire Day Spa

The Dermapen Treatment: What’s Involved?

For those who may not be familiar with dermapen treatments, here is a brief overview:

  • The skin gets needled using the dermapen. This serves a couple of purposes. It helps increase blood circulation, and also stimulates collagen production—collagen is responsible for giving your skin its elasticity. Additionally, it helps create tiny channels through which the topical serums and moisturizers can better penetrate.
  • After the needling process, the esthetician will apply a topical product which then delivers vitamins, hydration and other such nutrients to the skin’s surface and below as well.
  • Following this, it’s simply a matter of discussing dermapen treatments moving forward. There is no downtime and you can resume normal activity immediately after.


Finding the Best “Dermapen Treatment Near Me”

Now that you know what’s involved, how do you find Scottsdale area professional estheticians who perform dermapen treatments? You can certainly google it. But you also want to be sure and ask questions regarding any treatment of this nature. Such question might include:

  • What sort of aftercare do you recommend?
  • How often should I get dermapen treatments in order to maximize the results?
  • What if I have sensitive skin—can I still get it done?
  • Should I expect any pain with the treatment?
  • Are there any side effects?

A conscientious skincare spa or other such facility will thoroughly and carefully answer any and all questions you may have regarding dermapen treatment.

Dermapen Treatment Near Me | Scottsdale | Inspire Day Spa

What Are Some of the Benefits of a Dermapen Treatment Near Me

As mentioned, the dermapen needling helps stimulate collagen production. This means that the collagen will work to firm and plump skin and thus diminish the look of wrinkles. Also, because of the increased blood flow to the treated areas, your skin’s pigmentation will be brighter and more even toned. Because of the dermapen’s vibrational speed, we’ve also had clients experience enhanced muscle tone. This again, serves to make your complexion look more youthful.

If you are interested in learning more about dermapen treatments, we invite you to call or stop by for a consultation. At Inspire Day Spa located in Scottsdale, AZ we are always on the cutting edge of skincare!





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How Can We Help?