Cosmo has this to say about dermaplaning benefits: “it is a super effective exfoliating treatment in which a doctor or aesthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells.” An increasing number of people are turning to dermaplaning to help create a smoother, firmer and younger looking skin surface. By removing the old skin cells, this in turn prompts the creation of new ones. It also helps rid the skin of dirt and debris that can breed bacteria. Your pores need a thorough cleansing. And dermaplaning is one way to help unclog those pores and make your complexion radiant again!

Dermaplaning Benefits | Skincare Treatments | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

Seven Key Dermaplaning Benefits

  • Dermaplaning removes hairs from your face. Those tiny hairs, sometimes described as “peach fuzz” are not necessarily something we want to deal with. A huge benefit of dermaplaning is that these vellus hairs are completely removed. This is why some refer to it as face shaving.
  • It Is painless. No ultra intensive treatments. No abrasive equipment or products. A light and gentle touch to remove dead cells and create a stunning complexion!
  • You get a collagen production boost. With the scraping off of the dead cells, the other skin cells start producing more collagen. This increases your skin’s elasticity and helps rejuvenate the surface.
  • Makes pore more absorbent. Essentially, with dermaplaning, the pores get “cleaned out” of impurities and bacteria. At this point they are ready to absorb beneficial topical moisturizers and serums.
  • Younger looking skin. Yes, diminishing the fine lines and wrinkles that creep up on us over time is one of the key dermaplaning benefits.
  • Effects last 4-6 weeks. No side effects, painless and long lasting effects for your money. At Inspire Day Spa, we love when our guests get the maximum benefits from any of our treatments.
  • Helps deal with sun damage. Especially here in Phoenix, many of us are sun lovers, but the rays do take their toll. Dermaplaning helps remove the dried, sun damaged skin and skin cells and restores a natural luster.

Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa and Dermaplaning

At Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa we want to offer clients the latest skincare treatments; those that work and have proven results. Dermaplaning is an incredibly effective way to deal with a variety of skin issues. If you’re not sure if this is the right procedure for you, come on in and our aestheticians will be happy to talk through the options with you!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?