Everyone is out to combat the signs of aging. From the creams we use, to the procedures we undergo, even the exercises we do, it’s about trying to look young again. This is probably why facial exercises are becoming increasingly popular. As we get older the skin gets looser. Collagen production slows down, which means we lose that essential elasticity in the skin. Not to mention, all of the elements we’ve battled, the UV rays to which we’ve been exposed and some of the bad skin habits we’ve adopted, all contribute to sagging skin.

Enter facial exercises. There are a variety of exercises designed specifically for the face. From your chin to your cheeks, there are natural ways that can help slow down the aging process. And according to a Northwestern study, regularly working on certain exercise-type movements really can make a difference.

What Types of Facial Exercises are Most Beneficial?

Understanding how to go about performing these exercises will help maximize your facial workout. Also important, is switching the targeted areas up. One day you may want to focus in on the cheeks, while the next day might be time for a neck toner. Here are a few area-specific facial exercises you probably want to try:

  • Jawline Motion: With this one you’re primarily working the muscles located right beneath the jawline. First you pucker as though you’re about to kiss someone. Then keeping your lips in this position, proceed to move your jaw to the left and then right. You will repeat this motion in sets of ten. Do up to 3 or as many as you can handle.
  • Kiss the Sky: Here you’re focused on a couple of different muscle groups: Those within the neck as well as the muscles directly around your mouth. Pointing your head toward the sky, make an exaggerated kissing motion. It sometimes helps if you actually speak an associated kissing sound as in “moo-wah.”
  • Chin to fist. With this facial exercise you are working out those chin muscles. Seated at a table, place your fist beneath your chin with your elbow resting on the table top. Proceed to open your mouth without removing your chin from the top of your fist. Again, try three sets of 10 with this one.

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What Else Can You Do to Help Keep Your Face Looking Smoother and Firmer?

If you’re in the Scottsdale area, you may want to stop by Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa for an ultra-hydrating facial. Beyond cleansing and exfoliating the skin, facials—especially in tandem with a facial exercise regime—can add to the suppleness and luster of your complexion. Our anti-ageing products and techniques really do take years off, restoring clients’ confidence and making them feel wonderful about their skin!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?