What could be better than a massage? You’re completely relaxed. Dimly lit room, aromatherapy, soothing background sounds. This is the life! You should’ve googled “massage near me” sooner you’re thinking to yourself. How did you ever live before experiencing a Scottsdale spa massage?Finding the Best Scottsdale Massage Near Me | Inspire Day Spa

This is what goes through many a day spa patron’s head. They have the cares massaged out of them. They are momentarily transported to a place of calm and serenity. At Inspire Day Spa, we understand that finding and then getting that ideal “massage near me” should be a complete experience. And so this is what we strive to create for our guests.

Did you know that spa massages were the most popular spa treatment last year with about 80% of customers receiving one? No wonder—we live in an oft times hectic and fast paced world—a massage in a luxurious Scottsdale spa is the equivalent of pressing pause.

What is the Right Massage Near Me?

There are any different types of massages that one can get at a Scottsdale area spa. We offer a number of massage treatment options to accommodate a variety of guest wishes. Below are a few of the more popular…

  • Hot Stone Massage: The therapist will heat basalt stones and then place them at various points along your back, arms, hands etc. The stones help to trigger increased muscle relaxation. The therapist will use the stones throughout the massage as part of the process.
  • Swedish Massage: One of our more popular Scottsdale massages. With a Swedish massage, you get a full body experience. The therapist will utilize a combination of kneading, tapping, and circular motions. This is great for those with muscle tension.
  • Deep Tissue: This one may not be for those new to massage. But it is ideal for people with chronic muscle pain for example. The therapist employs deep strokes and so there is more pressure than with a Swedish massage.
  • Sports Massage: With this type, you’ll receive a combination of deep long strokes and shorter lighter strokes. For those with an injury, this would be the ideal “massage near me” choice.


What to Expect From Your Scottsdale Day Spa MassageFinding the Best Scottsdale Massage Near Me | Inspire Day Spa

Beyond just choosing what type of massage is right for you, you should know some of what the treatment involves.

  • You have the option of removing your clothing or you can keep underwear on. You will begin under a sheet.
  • Most therapists (and depending on massage type) will use oils/lotions during the massage. They may also integrate aromatherapy into the treatment.
  • If you do feel uncomfortable or if something starts to hurt during your spa massage, then be sure to speak up. A therapist is trained to work with the guest and ultimately create the optimal experience.


At Inspire Day Spa we know how much you look forward to your spa experience and we pull out all the stops! Call or stop by and schedule your massage appointment today.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?