Microneedling is certainly all the rage. And why wouldn’t it be…Microneedling has been proven to help with wrinkles, scarring, acne, even pigmentation issues. It’s a process where the esthetician will essentially use an implement with tiny needles to puncture the skin’s surface. This then prompts a couple of very important things. First, the blood circulation to the area treated increases. Secondly, collagen production is boosted. And collagen is what keeps the skin looking young and toned. So if you’ve googled microneedling treatment near me to find out who offers the treatment, we certainly don’t blame you.Microneedling Treatment Near Me | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

At Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix we perform microneedling for guests quite frequently. It’s become an incredibly popular treatment and one that definitely gets results. That said, because it is a relatively new treatment guests do have questions after they’ve searched for microneedling treatment near me. So we wanted to take this opportunity to offer answers.


Searched for Microneedling Treatment Near Me? Now Here’s What You Should Know

Are there any risks or side effects associated with microneedling at a Phoenix day spa?

  • The answer is no; however that said, some with more sensitive skin issues may want to first consult with the esthetician and address any concerns prior to treatment. Microneedling is designed to essentially irritate the skin—so if you are prone to irritation naturally this may not be the right treatment option. There could be some redness and/or flakiness directly following treatment. This will quickly subside.

If I have an acne outbreak, can I get microneedling?

  • Generally microneedling isn’t recommended if you are in the midst of an acne outbreak. As the process could inflame the affected skin all the more. We recommend gentler treatments for those suffering from active acne.

Are home microneedling devices worth it?

  • The microneedling that you will have done by a professionally trained esthetician will have more effective results. The microneedling kits and devices that you can buy for home use are different from what you’ll see at a Phoenix day spa.

Are there a lot of microneedling near me places that I can go to have this done?

  • Many Phoenix area day spas do in fact offer this service. Inspire Day Spa certainly does, as does our sister location, New Serenity Spa.


Why Choose Inspire Day Spa for “Microneedling Treatment Near Me”?

We can certainly offer a list of reasons as to why you should choose Inspire Day Spa for your microneedling appointment. From the breathtaking scenery surrounding our facility, to the state of the art accommodations, to the highly trained staff all catering to you…Not to mention, as we’ve partnered with LeClair Skincare, we offer the best quality organic skincare products on the market today. Utilizing ingredients ranging from acai berries, to apple, to avocado, to hyaluronic acid, their products are the gentlest and purest for your skin.Microneedling Treatment Near Me | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

So whether you are interested in microneedling, want an ultra relaxing massage or a facial that utilizes all of the latest products and techniques to have you looking and feeling refreshed, come in and book your appointment today!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?