You’ve been curious about getting a professional foot massage. What exactly is involved? Will it make a difference in how my feet feel? In how my body feels? And you’re wondering if there are actually spas that offer foot massage Scottsdale services. The answer is yes! At Inspire Day Spa we offer a full range of massages, from foot massage to head and neck massage.

Some people wonder if a foot massage at a Scottsdale day spa is worth it. To help convince you we’ve put together a list of pros and cons regarding which is better: professional or at-home foot massage.

Foot Massage Scottsdale | Spas massages | Inspire Day Spa

A Professional Foot Massage Scottsdale Style!

Why go to a Scottsdale area day spa for a foot massage when I can just get one at home? We’ve heard this a number of times. So why is a professional foot massage better…Keep reading!

  • A professional foot massage at a spa involves aromatherapy and essential oils. A home foot massage can certainly involve these things as well, but think about the mess you might inadvertently create. Lavender oil spilled all over the couch or bed…not the easiest thing in the world to clean up.
  • With a professional foot massage, the therapist understands exactly where the important trigger points are. Odds are, your significant other is just rubbing for the sake of getting it done so that they can go back to watching TV.
  • A professional foot massage is someone focused 100% on you, your needs, your comfort and your relaxation. Again, refer to the last point: getting it done and watching TV.
  • At Inspire Day Spa, you get the benefit of visiting a lakeside oasis. At home, you’re well, home. Not exactly a retreat scenario.
  • In tandem with your day spa foot massage you can also book a facial, body scrub or any other such treatment. At home, you can certainly do these things, but it is after all you doing them—where’s the fun in that?
  • At your foot massage at a spa you will enjoy dim lighting and soft music. Yes, this could go for an at-home foot massage, but the ambiance just isn’t the same.

Foot Massage Scottsdale | Spas massages | Inspire Day Spa

Come to Inspire Day Spa for the Best Foot Massage Scottsdale Experience

We would love the chance to pamper you with one of our luxurious foot massages. Come on in, see our beautiful oasis in the city and book your appointment. You will be so happy you did!


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