There are a number of different massages that people go to day spas for. From deep tissue, to hot stone, to Swedish—these are among Scottsdale area day spa staples. On the rise as of late however, is a bamboo massage. Bamboo massage actually incorporates the sticks of a bamboo tree into the treatment, thereby making the process that much more relaxing and exhilarating. At Inspire Day Spa we certainly have done our share of bamboo massage Scottsdale style. Clients almost always have questions upon coming in, and we are happy to answer. So below we provide some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the bamboo massage Scottsdale spas offer.

Where to Get A Bamboo Massage in Scottsdale | Inspire Day Spa

Questions Concerning Bamboo Massage Scottsdale Style

How does a bamboo massage actually work?

With a bamboo massage you will notice a combination of more traditional massage techniques along with the introduction of bamboo sticks. The bamboo are of varying lengths and diameters in an effort to create a different effect/feeling for each body part treated. The therapists kneads and rolls the bamboo across your back, thighs, arms and so forth in order to provide you with a totally relaxing experience.

Is the bamboo heated?

In some bamboo massages yes, the sticks will be heated. This goes all the more toward making soothing you and allowing those muscles to unwind.

Are bamboo massages new?

Not necessarily. In fact, they are thought to be an ancient practice, with bamboo canes historically used to help people ease pain and tension. It is a relatively new treatment in many Scottsdale area day spas however in relation to some of the more traditional massages.

What is the difference between this and hot stone therapy?

They do share some definite similarities. Many say though that bamboo canes hold their heat better than the basalt rocks. This can make the experience more pleasurable for a longer period of time.

Where to Get A Bamboo Massage in Scottsdale | Inspire Day Spa

Some of the Benefits of a Bamboo Massage Scottsdale Style

Beyond allowing you to feel at ease and pampered during the treatment, there are a number of key benefits associated with bamboo massages.

  • As it is coated in silica, the bamboo has health benefits. This mineral touches the skin and is actually terrific for helping the skin to more effectively absorb calcium and potassium. Not to mention, silica can serve as an anti-inflammatory and thus help with conditions such as eczema for example.
  • Because of the techniques used and the way the therapist kneads the skin with the bamboo, this stimulates you blood circulation
  • Again, in light of the overall process, a bamboo massage can actually aid with lymphatic drainage. This in essence then helps to detoxify the body.
  • It is just so very relaxing. This is the most popular reason people book bamboo massages. An amazing experience in which you leave feeling totally refreshed and reinvigorated.

At Scottsdale’s Inspire Day Spa, we want to make sure that your massage—whichever type you choose—is a one of a kind experience that you remember for a very long time. Call today to schedule your next day spa treatment.


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