Coping with the effects of acne isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do for some people. Perhaps this is why spa acne facials are increasing in popularity. In fact, the best acne facial isn’t one that you perform at home, but that you experience at a Phoenix day spa. At Inspire Day Spa, we have a variety of techniques and products that we use, that make ours the best acne facial in the region. Many have raved about the results, noticing a dramatic lessening in the look of blemishes and even acne scars. Perhaps one of the reasons our acne facial is so powerful is because of the products that we use. Providing clients with the LeClair line of skincare products, we have certainly seen some amazing transformations.Where to Get the Best Acne Facial | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

Understanding the Acne Facial

So what exactly does the best acne facial look like, what steps does it entail…

  • The consultation. Prior to any type of skincare treatment, you absolutely want to sit down and speak with the esthetician about what to expect and more importantly, use this time to address any skin concerns. So for instance, if you are prone to sensitive skin, you want to bring this up. If you do suffer from acne, make sure you go over the details with the esthetician as this will help determine the products utilized.
  • Deep cleansing. Perhaps the most important part of an acne facial, or any facial for that matter, is the initial deep cleansing. Your skin is daily exposed to the elements. Even though you may wash it a few times a day, the surface still has lingering dirt and bacteria. Without first preparing the skin and thus cleansing it, the nutrients and minerals from the topical products used during your facial are not properly absorbed.
  • Beyond merely cleansing the skin, it is important to rid the top layer of dead cells and any bacteria that may be left behind. If necessary, there may also be an extraction to remove blackheads.
  • Topical treatments. Once the skin is thoroughly prepared, the topical product is applied, followed by a toner and/or moisturizer. Again, we use the LeClair Organic line. Their products contain chemical free, responsibly sourced ingredients that represent the best that nature has to offer. The likes of eucalyptus, green tea, pineapple, and Swiss apple among many others. Truly superfruits and super foods.

Where to Get the Best Acne Facial | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

Combatting the Effects of Acne

The best acne facial simply put, is one that works with your skin and for your particular acne condition. And so again, this is why that consult is incredibly important. Everyone’s skin is different, and thus everyone requires a specific treatment, individualized for them. We would love to help you feel better, more confident about your appearance, and overall healthier. This is why we do what we do at Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix, so that our guests leave feeling refreshed and completely reinvigorated. It truly is amazing what a day at the spa can do! Call today and book your next appointment with us!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?