Among day spa offerings, body wraps in Scottsdale aren’t quite as popular as say massages or facials, and yet to an extent, this is starting to change. People are finding the entire treatment process highly enjoyable. Start to finish, you get relaxation, detoxification, a warming sensation, not to mention skin that feels super smooth afterward. So when you are looking for body wraps in Scottdale, how exactly do you know which day spa to choose? What questions should you ask? And what options should you inquire about? At Inspire Day Spa, we always want our guests to feel comfortable and consequently, not worry about those unanswered questions. Below we’ve put together a brief guide so that when searching for body wraps in Scottsdale, you already have some important information at your disposal.

Where Do You Get Body Wraps in Scottsdale? | Inspire Day Spa

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Questions to Ask Scottsdale Spas Regarding Body Wraps

As with anything you might want to do a bit of homework prior to booking your body wrap appointment. All spas are not created equal, and many have a different approach as far as what their body wraps entail. Here are a few questions you might ask in order to help you determine who has the best body wraps in Scottsdale…

  • Do you offer a consultation first? Because there are a variety of types of body wraps, you want to discuss all options with the spa staff. They may even have you fill out a questionnaire to get a better sense of what you’re looking for as far as your desired results. Any good Scottsdale area spa should without question allow you to have a consultation prior to your treatment.
  • How do you suggest I prepare prior to my body wrap? Again, this is all part of a comprehensive approach to customer service…The spa should happily explain that prior to a body wrap you want to steer clear of heavy lotions or sprays. You may also come dressed in a bikini/bathing suit if you are more comfortable.
  • Will I sweat excessively? Part of the process, the sweating actually helps the detox part of it along; not to mention it opens up those pores so that the minerals and products used will absorb more efficiently into the skin.
  • What type of products do you use? This one is critical. The last thing you want when your body does undergo such a wrap is to be covered in lotions and/or serums that are chemical heavy. The best spas utilize powerful organic products that are gentle on the skin and that also promote healthier skin.

Inspire Day Spa: The Best Body Wraps in Scottsdale

Where Do You Get Body Wraps in Scottsdale? | Inspire Day SpaWe have numerous clients visit us specifically because of the attention to detail and extreme care that we demonstrate when it comes to all of our treatments—body wraps most definitely included. If you do have further questions about a body wraps or would like to consult with one of our skilled estheticians, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



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