So what’s up with the whole dermaplaning facial experience? Many coming into our Arizona based spa have inquired about the treatment. Essentially, it’s a facial that involves something akin to a medical scalpel. And while some may be apt to think that given that there is a scalpel used, the process could be painful. Rest assured, a dermaplaning facial involves zero pain, and there is no consequent downtime.

So should you get a dermaplaning facial…Below we answer some of the top questions we’ve gotten from clients at Inspire Day Spa inquiring into the nuts and bolts of the dermaplaning facial experience.

Should I Get a Dermaplaning Facial? | Arizona | Inspire Day Spa

Frequently Asked Question Regarding the Dermaplaning Facial

So to recap…It’s a treatment in which a certified esthetician will gently run a scalpel blade along the skin’s surface in order to remove fine hairs (a.k.a. peach fuzz) and also help rid the skin’s surface of dead skin cell. Such cells can cause your skin to look duller and less radiant than it otherwise would.

  • Does it hurt? Again, this is one of the top questions we get asked about the dermaplaning facial. And the answer is no. In the hands of a skilled esthetician, the process is completely painless and leaves you looking refreshed and younger.
  • Is there a lot of aftercare? You definitely want to protect your complexion with a good sunblock. You also want to be sure and moisturize with organic lotions and creams. Other than that, there really isn’t anything excessive or out of the ordinary that you will have to do to care for your skin.
  • Will I need multiple treatments? When it comes to keeping that peach fuzz away and also maximizing the results as far as the removal of dead cells, multiple treatments can really be beneficial. We’ve had clients come in once a month for a dermaplaning facial and they are completely overjoyed with what they are seeing.
  • What are the benefits of dermaplaning facials? This is a great question! Namely, because there are in fact so many benefits to this treatment. As mentioned, it helps bring back radiance and luster. It removes those unwanted hairs; it leaves skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. And it helps to combat the signs of aging.Should I Get a Dermaplaning Facial? | Arizona | Inspire Day Spa

Inspire Day Spa: Dermaplaning Facials Done Correctly

One thing you definitely want to be certain of prior to booking your day spa appointment…make sure the esthetician with whom you will be working understands the process and is up to date as far as technique. Understanding the latest in advanced skincare is an essential part of a spa employee’s job. At Arizona’s Inspire Day Spa we have only the best in the region as far as therapists and estheticians. We want our customers to experience the ultimate in day spa treatments and it all starts with a phenomenal staff. Beyond that of course, there is our gorgeously appointed facility, not to mention tranquil lakeside setting. Call today to schedule your next treatment—we look forward to pampering you!



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