At Inspire Day Spa we pride ourselves on offering guests a comprehensive menu of spa treatments. Thinking of getting a facial Phoenix style? Our estheticians are among the best in the region. What’s more, we take the time to get to know your concerns, answer your questions and address specific skin issues you might have. A spa facial, Phoenix knows, is a treat. It’s something you look forward to all week most likely. You therefore don’t want just the facial itself—you want an all inclusive approach to day spa skincare. This is precisely what Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa offers.

Getting a Facial Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

Facial Phoenix Style – Only the Best at Inspire Day Spa

Whether you’re looking for a customized facial in Phoenix, or you want to try our signature facials, our techniques and treatments will leave you feeling fresher, smoother and more rejuvenated than before.

  • Inspire Facial: This is one of our most popular. It includes a thorough cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and moisturization. Not to mention we also include lip and eye treatments to help take years off. And to make the experience all the more soothing: arm and hand massage.
  • Be Gentle Facial: This is truly a facial Phoenix style…the treatment is for those with more sensitive sin. As we use all natural and gentle LeClair Organics, there is no harshness or irritation. Your skin will be renewed and hydrated.
  • Skin Brightening Facial: The elements can certainly take their toll on our skin. And the result: a complexion that is duller and not as lustrous. Our skin brightening facial  infuses the skin’s surface with nature’s brightener, Vitamin C. You will absolutely glow!
  • LeClair Facial: Yet another signature facial in Phoenix—and one that is among our most popular. It starts with a soothing and relaxing cleanse. There is then an exfoliation to remove dead skin and then an enzyme mask to revitalize. There’s also a hyaluronic refresher to help keep skin looking young.
  • Teen Facial: Teens often have distinct issues with their skin and complexion. Which is why we developed a teen facial. Intended to hydrate and moisturize but offer balance as far as the skin’s oils.Getting a Facial Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

Using Only Organic Facial Products

As we are partnered with LeClair Organic Skincare, all of our facials involve only all-natural responsibly sourced products. We are invested in our clients’ well being; meaning, we never use anything with harsh chemicals or toxins. It’s about providing a facial Phoenix experience that leaves you feeling good and invigorated.

Inspire Day Spa’s location is lakeside—you get gorgeous expansive views, the tranquility of the water and a selection of premiere spa services that truly transform your day. If you have questions regarding any of our facial experiences, we invite you to call or come on in to discuss your facial treatment with one of our talented estheticians. And again, if you potentially want to do a custom facial, we are more than happy to sit down with you and design a facial Phoenix treatment that addresses your skin directly.Getting a Facial Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa


How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?