Perhaps you’ve thought about spas that offer “dermaplaning near me” and yet were hesitant to actually go and book an appointment. Phoenix has so many wonderful spas and fortunately, your choices for skincare treatments are plentiful. At Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa, we actually perform dermaplaning treatments quite often. Our clients love it! When all is said and done it leaves your face feeling silky smooth and baby soft.

We thought that for those out there who are searching for Phoenix based “dermaplaning near me,” we would offer an overview of what to expect. Also, what to do before and after treatment and we will briefly touch on any potential side effects there might be from the dermaplaning. The more informed you are regarding any type of spa skincare treatment, the more comfortable you’ll be.

Dermaplaning Near Me – Phoenix – Inspire Day Spa

Searching for “dermaplaning near me?”: How to Prepare

First off, let’s begin with a basic understanding of what exactly dermaplaning entails. Yes, you will experience softer and smoother skin as a result of your Phoenix spa day and consequent dermaplaning treatment…So what exactly does the esthetician do to achieve this? It’s actually pretty simple, and if you have searched for dermaplaning near me then you’ll probably have read that the skincare professional uses a special surgical scalpel. They scrape away the dead skin cells and peach fuzz from your face. It’s a painless process that results in a very thorough exfoliation of the skin’s surface.

Prior to your dermaplaning appointment you will want to consider doing the following:

  • Schedule a consultation. Some people prefer to speak directly to the esthetician before their dermaplaning appointment. This way they can find out more about the treatment, ask any questions, and also address their specific skin type/condition.
  • Try and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Sun damage can make your skin far more sensitive. Right before having your skin essentially shaved, this is not the best idea—it can make the process a bit painful.
  • Wait if you have an acne outbreaks or any wounds. Again, the scalpel will be used to scrape off dead skin and hair. If you do have acne lesions or any cuts/wounds, wait until these are healed before proceeding with the dermaplaning.

Are there are side effects from dermaplaning?

This is a great question; one we get asked often. As long as you’re seeing a Phoenix area professional who understands the process and takes the time to also understand your specific skin type, dermaplaning is very safe and relatively side effect free. However, if you do happen to have highly sensitive skin, then this may not be the best treatment option for you. Consult with the skincare professional prior to your appointment. They can address your concerns regarding sensitive skin, acne or any such condition is always a good idea.Dermaplaning Near Me – Phoenix – Inspire Day Spa

As far as the downtime following dermaplaning, there really isn’t any. Many who get this treatment, often go right back to work afterward. Some do experience a slight redness, but this generally subsides quickly. According to a recent Cosmo article, you may want to avoid applying makeup directly after treatment.

The Best Place for Dermaplaning Near Me

The team here at Inspire Day Spa would love to consult with you about your dermaplaning treatment. Call to set up an appointment or stop by and speak with one of our highly qualified staff. We can’t wait to show you how silky smooth your skin can feel!


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