Our skin is incredibly vulnerable to the elements. Pollutants, weather, sun, dirt and debris, and of course time all contribute to drying out your skin.  At Inspire Spa in Phoenix, we specialize in something called a Hydrafacial. One of the newest things to happen to skincare, hydrafacial benefits are truly amazing. Your skin prior to treatment feels rough, definitely not as smooth as you’d like. Once you emerge, it’s stunning. The difference really is night and day.

We at Inspire Spa and New Serenity Spa understand how important refreshed and glowing skin is to our clientele. This is why we recruit only the best aestheticians in Phoenix, why we use top of the line serums and the latest state-of-the-art equipment. You truly need to experience the many hydrafacial benefits for yourself!

What are the Hydrafacial Benefits?

Let’s begin by breaking down what a hydrafacial entails. Essentially, the aesthetician will use a wand that has a vacuum function as well as a slightly abrasive tip. As the wand moves over the skin’s surface, it serves to remove dead cells, get rid of impurities, exfoliate and help open pores. Simultaneously, moisturizing serums are flooding into the pores, helping skin to rehydrate. The process is painless and actually feels quite soothing.

So what exactly are the hydrafacial benefits, almost too many too mention!

  • Nutrients for your skin. The serums that go into the surface of the skin contain antioxidants, peptides, and minerals which replenish the skin and genuinely help to moisturize it thoroughly.
  • A two step exfoliation process. With the use of the technology we can remove all of the impurities and dead skin, while taking debris off of the surface. With the solutions that are then infused into the skin, a further extraction process takes place, ensuring 100% clean and fresh skin.
  • Get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. We all want to be rid of those skin imperfections that otherwise mar our complexion. A hydrafacial perfectly smooths and refines the skin’s surface.
  • Reduces the look of wrinkles. Between the wand action and the topical serum, your skin is given better contour. As it is moisturized, the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines greatly lessens.

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Experience The Hydrafacial Benefits at Inspire

As we said, this is one skincare treatment we specialize in. Clients leave feeling younger, refreshed with skin that looks more radiant than ever before. If you want to find out more about all of the hydrafacial benefits, simply come in and talk to one of our aestheticians. They can let you know if this is the right treatment for your skin.

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How Can We Help?