You have been waiting for this for a while now—a facial treatment! Relaxing, soothing and of course  incredible for your complexion, a facial in Phoenix is most definitely a cause to celebrate. But where exactly do you go for the best Phoenix facials? There are so many spas scattered across the Greater Phoenix area. And all certainly have tons to offer by way of luxurious spa treatments. So how do you know which to choose? Maybe you select a spa based on location, or perhaps on the services offered. Maybe their reputation is what draws you to the spa. Below are some reasons why people pick the spas they do when looking for the best Phoenix facials.

Characteristics of a Terrific Phoenix Spa

We’ve talked extensively to our customers here at Inspire Day Spa about what they feel constitutes a great spa. These were just some of the answers we got…How Do You Know Where to Find the Best Phoenix Facials? | Inspire Day Spa

  • A wide array of treatment options. Gone are the days when spas were only places where people went for facials and massages. Now there is so much more available at most day spas. From advanced skincare treatments like microdermabrasion, to body wraps and salt scrubs, to microblading even, today’s spa is definitely not the spa of yesteryear. And people like to have options.
  • Serene ambiance. This is absolutely key. Why go to a spa if the setting is not relaxing and calming. You’re escaping your life for a little while—tranquility is the name of the game. At Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa the ambiance is enhanced all the more by the lakeside setting. Water has a way of truly enabling you to unwind.
  • Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Customer services is everything. Staff should not only treat you like a pampered guest, but moreover they need to be on top of the latest in techniques and products. The spa world and its treatments are ever evolving—a spa’s staff needs to be on top of it.
  • Reputations and referrals. Word of mouth is important—even and especially in the spa industry. What your guests say about you, the services they’ve received and the way in which they rate you all are extremely important. People read the reviews, they listen to the experiences of friends and family.

When You Do Come in For One of the Best Phoenix Facials…

We understand that we aren’t exactly impartial here, but we do happen to think we are one of Phoenix’s very best spas. And when you book your facial you will have an array to choose from:How Do You Know Where to Find the Best Phoenix Facials? | Inspire Day Spa

  • Inspire Facial: Exfoliation, extraction, even a face, arm and hand massage, leave your skin and your body feeling absolutely incredible after this one.
  • Age with Grace Facial: This one is all about toning and plumping your skin. Fighting the signs of aging isn’t exactly an easy battle, but with this facial you will see results!
  • Mommy to be Facial: As we only use the gentlest all organic ingredients, you know that nothing harmful will touch your skin—only the best that nature has to offer.
  • Be Gentle Facial: for those with sensitive skin issues, this is the ideal facial. The same hydration and infusion of beneficial ingredients but designed for more easily irritated skin.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?