What is the LeClair organic facial? An amazing 18 step process, this facial  leaves you feeling renewed, rehydrated, and with smoother skin. Using only the best all natural ingredients, the LeClair organic facial has a massage element that helps to relax you immensely. Exclusive to New Serenity Spa and Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa, this treatment is truly one of a kind.

Developed by spa owner Stacy LeClair, this spectacular facial really does target those issues we all have with our complexion. At our Scottsdale Arizona spas we are constantly seeking new treatments, new techniques, and secrets that we can share with our guests and help them to feel amazing in their skin.

leclair organic facial, scottsdale inspire day spa

The LeClair Organic Facial: A Step by Step Process

So we wanted to take a moment here to explain what the LeClair facial involves, and the incredible benefits it can bring to you.

  • First off, there is a soothing oil cleanse as well as a deep foam cleanser used to help degrease and get rid of makeup and debris from the surface of the skin. After that, a gommage experience which essentially removes dead skin and further cleans and prepares the surface.
  • In an effort to thoroughly exfoliate, you will then receive an enzyme mask which helps to purify. While this mask is doing what it needs to do, your practitioner will provide an arm massage. This goes along with a warming paraffin hand treatment. This is the epitome of relaxation.
  • Once the mask comes off, there’s a toner that goes on for a deep pore cleansing. Next comes a hydration mask to help plump up the skin and bring added volume and smoothness. In the meantime, warm towels wrap your feet and a leg massage takes place.
  • You’ll then get a hyaluronic refresher as well as eye treatment pads. During the eye treatment, your therapist will perform a scalp massage.
  • After a lip exfoliation and moisture treatment, you receive a final hydration and long lasting overall moisture treatment. And then comes the big reveal with the finishing spritz.

The Benefits of the LeClair Organic Facialleclair organic facial, scottsdale inspire day spa

Beyond of course the incredible hydration involved, this particular Inspire Day Spa facial is an all inclusive experience. As you can see from the description, not only do you get the best natural ingredients, but you get to experience massage as well. This truly is the best of what a spa can offer. Ultra healthy skincare treatments in tandem with the incredibly relaxing benefits that come with leg and arm massage. This is one you certainly want to visit our Phoenix az location and experience for yourself.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?