Lymphedema is a condition where fluid builds up in relation to your lymph nodes. This can happen as a result of surgery, or it could be a chronic condition that some are unfortunately born with. Lymphatic massage is a process in which the therapist tries ot coax fluid that has built up to drain properly.

The technique is incredibly gentle and at Inspire Day Spa our therapists are trained on how to maximize the benefits of lymphatic massage. Our goal is to make our clients feel better, healthier and stronger. Whatever the condition, we will review your options and see what’s available to help.Men Spa Scottsdale Deep Tissue Massage

The Lymphatic Massage Process

In order to have a truly effective lymphatic massage, the therapist needs to understand the lymphatic system. The initial phase consists of soft, gentle strokes that align with the lymph nodes. This is meant to encourage fluids to drain as they should. Generally, the focal areas include the neck and face, arms and lower back, among others.

Studies have shown that getting repeat lymphatic massages can help decrease swelling in certain areas where fluid build up is a problem. Also, in order to get the most benefits possible from this type of massage, many recommend that be combined with body wraps. This will help with the overall flow and reabsorption of any fluids.

Why Lymphatic Massage?

At Inspire Day Spa, our primary concern is our clients’ health and happiness. Fluid accumulation in the lymph areas can cause a range of symptoms. From aches and pains to swelling, those living with these types of lymphatic issues are simply not comfortable. We are about helping the body, mind and spirit. A detoxifying lymphatic massage can do just that. Feel free to come into our gorgeous lakeside location to find out if a lymphatic massage is something that might help you!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?