Massage places are not all created equal. In and around the Scottsdale area, you are sure to find ads for everything from high end resort spas, to luxury day spas, to more questionable spas. The key is to find that amazing massage place Scottsdale that fits your needs, budget and expectations.

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Inspire Day Spa is a fresh new take on a day spa. What sets us apart: how about our lakeside setting for starters. Water is one of the ultimate healing mediums. According to an article in the Daily Mail, the calming sounds of water help the brain block out noises that might otherwise seem jarring. This is precisely why Inspire Day Spa is located where it is. In introducing a massage place Scottsdale, we wanted to give guests the benefits of relaxing massages and also of the proximity to water.

Why Water is an Important Feature of Our Massage Place Scottsdale

What other benefits might you get from visiting a spa and getting a massage at a place located near the water? We’re glad you asked! As you can tell, we’re huge proponents of the positive effects that water can have. Because we take a holistic approach when it comes to pampering customers, we opted for this amazing location to add to the overall effectiveness of treatments.

Here are the top Five Reasons why being near the water makes Inspire Day Spa the best massage place Scottsdale style!

  • In a 2016 study researchers proved that living near water significantly decreased the amount of stress in a specific group of people.
  • Water is a constant. And yet with a lake, river or other such body of water, there is also change. This familiarity mingled with the beauty of the change it undergoes actually helps stimulate the brain in a non frenzied way.
  • An article in the Guardian cites water, or blue space, as that which helps us to feel happy. Even something as simple as a fountain in a city park can go along way toward providing emotional benefits.
  • The sound of water lapping is absolutely meditative. Which is why for a day spa this is the perfect setting!


Inspire Day Spa: The Perfect Massage Place Scottsdale

At Inspire we are also about more than just the lakeside setting. Our therapists are highly trained when it comes to the latest massage techniques. The products we use, the ambiance we strive to create all combine to make the day a thoroughly relaxing one. We would love for you to visit our unique Scottsdale area location. Also, you may want to check out New Serenity Spa—pamper yourself, without the guilt!

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How Can We Help?