We have often been asked about what it takes to become a massage therapist. When considering the best massage therapist Scottsdale has to offer, we are certainly talking about training and practice. They not only have to know the techniques, but they always have to stay updated as far as new treatments as well as the products available. At Inspire Day Spa in Scottsdale all of our massage therapists are without question among the best. What’s more, they really take the time to understand a guest’s needs and expectations.

If you want to know more about what a massage therapist must do prior to working with clients, keep reading. Here is a brief overview of the process through which a therapist must go.

Massage Therapist Scottsdale | Spa Massages | Inspire Day Spa

Massage Therapist Scottsdale: The Breakdown

Most often a massage therapist will enroll in a training and/or certification program. Such a course entails not only learning about the techniques and history of massage, but also hands-on training. Most massage therapy schools require anywhere from 300 hours to 1000 hours of actual experience prior to awarding the certificate. As a massage therapist, they will deal with all different types of clients and an array of issues. It’s therefore important that they get as much exposure as possible prior to starting their job.

In Scottsdale, Therapists Have a Number of Job Opportunities

Once they receive their certification and/or licensing (and this differs from state to state), the therapist can then apply for a position. Now, where exactly they might work varies.

  • Spa: Of course, many love working in day spas and resorts. Luxurious setting, amazing clientele and the chance to practice a variety of soothing massage techniques, are all appealing reasons to work at a spa.
  • Self-employed: It is not uncommon for those therapists who have gotten their license to go out on their own. Some may rent space in which to perform massages, while others often travel to where the client directs.
  • Rehab Centers: Especially for those therapists interested in sports massage and various types of post-injury massage, rehabilitation clinics are always looking for qualified and experienced massage therapists.
  • Nursing Homes: As the baby boomer population ages, more and more therapists are needed to fill nursing home positions. For those eager to help, a nursing home is a great way to use their talent and training.

Massage Therapist Scottsdale | Spa Massages | Inspire Day Spa

The Best Massage Therapist Scottsdale Has: Inspire Day Spa

We know we’ve done a pretty good job when it comes to hiring skilled and well-qualified massage therapists. Not only are they talented, but ultra friendly. Their job is to make you feel completely and totally relaxed. They truly love what they do, and they love the environment in which they work.

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