Massages in Scottsdale az are certainly among the biggest draws of today’s Arizona day spas. Think about it, from pampering, to pain alleviation, to relaxation, the massages in Scottsdale truly are a way to escape for just a bit. At both Inspire Day Spa and Phoenix’s New Serenity Spa, our focus is providing clients with one-of-a-kind massages that, at least for the moment, make your life better. When you start your search for massages in Scottsdale az, you are sure to find a number of quality spas. From the Phoenician Spa Resort, to the Spa Avania, the Phoenix region certainly has a lot to offer. So why choose either Inspire Day Spa or New Serenity Spa…we’re so glad you asked!

You may be looking for a massage treatment for any number of reasons. We’ve seen guests come in post-surgery for relief, some just want to try something new, and others are massage regulars and need their weekly Swedish massage to keep going. To truly find the best massages in Scottsdale az, you want to look for a venue that will customize the experience just for you.

massages in scottsdale az inspire day spa

The Different Types of Massages in Scottsdale az

Our lakeside location is just one of the many draws of Inspire Day Spa. We dare you to find more highly trained therapists, a more luxurious indoor setting, or of course, a more active and relaxing outdoor environment. And our massages—to die for!

  • Deep Tissue Massage: The goal of this popular massage in Scottsdale is to release built up tension and get those muscles relaxed. By applying strong pressure in conjunction with smooth strokes the masseuse really does get to the heart of the problem; you will leave feeling amazing.
  • Similarly, a Swedish Massage is all about alleviating muscular tension in a gentle and soothing way. Particularly if you’re a massage newbie, this may be a great option for you.
  • On a lighter note, Couples Massage is one of the more popular at New Serenity Spa and Inspire Day Spa. Couples need that essential bonding time. Life can get pretty hectic, don’t you want to take a moment and relax, just the two of you. We offer a private spa suite, along with champagne, even chocolate covered strawberries. And then of course the piece de resistance, that ultra relaxing, timeout from life massage that will absolutely transport you and your partner.massages in scottsdale az inspire day spa
  • For a true massage Scottsdale experience, you really must try our signature massages: Inspire Massage and Serenity Massage. With the Inspire Massage you get the full treatment: a perfectly adapted massage, scalp and facial massage along with facial towels. Rejuvenating like no other massage in Scottsdale. And with the Serenity Massage, it’s about focusing on those problem areas with a medium pressure approach, topped off with a foot sugar scrub—truly luxurious.

Specialty Massages in Scottsdale az

  • How about a Hot Stone Massage? One of the top rated treatments we offer, a hot stone massage uses heated stones placed along specific areas of muscle tension to reduce discomfort and alleviate pain and tension. This is an experience that everyone must be privy to at least once!
  • Lomi Lomi Massage involves kneading and rubbing the muscles to create a soothing experience. An ancient Hawaiian style of massage utilized originally by healers, it is done with both the hands and forearms.
  • Prenatal Massage as its name suggests is designed to make those expectant mothers a little more comfortable and a lot more relaxed. Especially good for coping with lower back pain, pre-natal massage eases those load bearing joints and can also help even out hormonal levels.
  • When it comes to specialty massages in Scottsdale az, Reflexology is certainly one that has helped many. This treatment essentially offers guests extreme relaxation as the therapist targets trigger reflex point along the feet and body.massages in scottsdale az inspire day spa
  • One of the newest that we offer at Scottsdale’s own Inspire Day Spa is Bamboo Massage. Clients rave about how good they feel afterward. This involves the use of warm bamboo sticks to break up muscle adhesions and aid in relaxation. Again, definitely one you have to experience for yourself!


The Benefits of Getting Massages in Scottsdale az

So why get a massage? For those who haven’t experienced what a day spa massage can do for you—you are definitely missing out. Not only do they help you to relax, but the massages in Scottsdale az can also help with a host of other issues. We’ve compiled a brief list to show you what benefits you can truly gain from getting a massage.Imassages in scottsdale az inspire day spa

Inspire Day Spa Massages and What They Can Do For You!

  • Back pain: Approximately 80% of adults in the US have suffered from back pain at one time or another. While there are more invasive measures you can use, massage tends to be a safer and in some ways, more effective way to cope with chronic back pain. From deep tissue, to sports massage, to Swedish, it’s about finding the right massage for you.
  • Did you know that getting a massage can help lessen anxiety and stress? Imagine yourself lying in a quiet and relaxing room, soothing music, fragrant aromas, perhaps candles. And of course a massage therapist who understand how to put your muscles at ease. You can probably feel the stress starting to melt away already.
  • Recovering from surgery? The available massages in Scottsdale az can actually help you to heal faster. Not only are massages great for muscle relief, but they also stimulate and improve circulation.
  • Massages can help detoxify your body as well. A lymphatic massage for example involves strokes that are designed to remove blockages in your lymphatic system as well as to clear out toxins in your skin and blood.
  • Yes, massages can also help fight the signs of aging. Not only do you leave feeling refreshed and thus younger, but because massage promotes better blood flow and it enables you to relax overall, you may notice that you appear a bit younger looking as well.


When Getting Massages in Scottsdale az, Questions to Ask Your Therapist

After booking your massage treatment, you may want to consider some of the questions/concerns that you have for your massage therapist. You can actually check out our website for some tips when it comes to preparing for your Phoenix area massage. And below are some things that you might want to inquire about.

  • Is my massage going to hurt? Some people are genuinely concerned about whether or not the experience might pose any pain. Asking your therapist about this is perfectly normal. For those who’ve never had a massage before, depending on the type, there may be some slight soreness afterward, but generally it’s more of an intense feeling.
  • What type of massage should I get? Certainly if you’re unsure of the type that might fit your needs and your body best, please discuss this with your therapist. Given their training and years of experience, they can surely offer you some good advice regarding massage type.
  • If I am injured, should I get a massage? This will largely depend on the kind of injury. You always want to consult with your doctor in this type of situation first.
  • Do I have to drink water after my massage? This is generally a good idea. We usually recommend that guests drink a fair amount of water following their massage treatment. Not only is it good for you as it helps you stay hydrated, but it also helps to further flush out some of those toxins.
  • Do I have to talk during my massage? This is totally up to you. Some clients do like to chat with the masseuse, while others prefer to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation of the experience silently. At Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa, we are all about catering to what it is that you want and feel.

massages in scottsdale az inspire day spa

What We Offer When It Comes to Massage in Scottsdale az

Hopefully, after reading this you are seriously thinking about booking your next massage appointment at a Scottsdale area day spa. We want to talk for a moment about all of the amenities Inspire Day Spa has to offer, along with what you can expect when visiting our facility. First off, we are about so much more than just massages—though we are pretty terrific when it comes to those.

When you enter our spa, you will at once feel relaxed and at peace. We are all about your wellness. We offer retreat rooms, yoga and other such activities and resources to help you feel like your best self.  Perhaps the most incredible part of our facility though isn’t what’s inside, but what’s outside. Step outside and admire the gorgeous lake. Views galore, our lakeside setting provides guest with a truly comprehensive Scottsdale az spa experience.

Book Your Massage Today!

You even have the opportunity too rent a bike and go for a long leisurely ride around the lake. Watch the walkers, the birds, the flora and fauna—the benefits are almost too many to name. Everything about Inspire Day Spa was designed to offer our guests the most extraordinary retreat-like experience possible. From the luxurious treatments, to the amazing setting, this is the best you will find in Scottsdale. We would love to welcome you to Inspire Day Spa. Call today and book your massage Scottsdale style. Or feel free to stop in, especially if you have questions or would like a tour of the facility. We are here to greet you and prepare you for the spa day you were always meant to have!

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How Can We Help?