Microneedling facials are in fact a hot trend drawing the attention of even A list celebrities. While they have been around for awhile, the popularity of this treatment has skyrocketed in recent years. Perhaps that’s because they truly do work, and the results are spectacular. Essentially, a microneedling facial is a process in which a tool called a derma roller with fine needles affixed, rolls over the skin’s surface thereby causing trauma. So this trauma in turn compels the skin to generate more collagen, and the collagen is what gives skin enhanced elasticity. After a microneedling facial your skin is apt to feel firmer and look more toned. At Phoenix’s Inspire Day Spa we do perform microneedling quite regularly actually. Those who’ve never had it done, often have a ton of questions…Below we try and provide some answers.Microneedling Treatment Near Me | Phoenix | Inspire Day Spa

What to Expect from a Microneedling Facial in Phoenix, AZ

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get asked regarding the microneedling facial:

  • Does it hurt? Actually, while there may be a bit of a tingling sensation initially, the whole process is not a painful one. Some find the sensation comforting.
  • Is there a recovery time? No, most can generally resume all normal activities following their microneedling facial session.
  • How much does it cost? This of course can range depending on which Phoenix area spa you visit. The average cost for a typical microneedling facial is in the $300-400 range.
  • Is there any anesthetic used? Usually there is a topical product applied that helps to numb the skin somewhat.
  • What will my skin be like after treatment? You may notice initially it is a bit more sensitive and there could be some associated redness which subsides fairly quickly. Also, as the needles traumatize the skin so to speak, you’re definitely going to want to apply ample sunscreen for protection.

What are the Benefits of Getting Microneedling Done?

The reason the treatment is so popular in and around Phoenix, is because it works. Inspire Day Spa’s customers have expressed complete satisfaction—especially after they receive multiple treatments. Some of the key benefits of a microneedling facial include:

  • Reduction of acne scarring
  • Diminishing age spots
  • Tightening of looser and sagging skin
  • Shrinking of wrinkles
  • Pore size reduction

So it is an ideal spa treatment option for those concerned with the signs of aging, for those fighting the battle against acne, and also for anyone worried about uneven skin tone. The results as noted, are very noticeable. Because your skin tissue is in essence re-forming in light of what the needles cause to happen, the new tissue is even healthier and stronger. Therefore, all around, a microneedling facial can be such a benefit to your complexion.

Inspire Day Spa: Phoenix’s #1 Microneedling Spa

What is a Microneedling Facial? | Phoenix | Inspire Day SpaWe would love to answer any questions and clear up any confusion you might have in regard to this process. Our staff is on hand to consult with you, determine if this treatment is right for you and suggest recommendations in regard to skincare products you might try in conjunction with a microneedling facial—call today!


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