So what exactly is an oxygen facial and what are some oxygen facial benefits? The world of skincare treatment has certainly evolved even in just the past few years. Therapists and aestheticians now can fight wrinkles and fine lines more effectively than ever before. An oxygen facial is a great way to help smooth and firm up your skin while erasing those signs of aging. Truly an anti-aging facial!

When clients come to us, we always first consult with them to determine exactly their concerns and what type of results they desire. While we offer a variety of skincare treatments and facials, we’ve found that more and more, oxygen facial benefits really do help achieve a more rejuvenated complexion.

Oxygen Facial Benefits | Anti-Aging Facial | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

First Off, What is an Oxygen Facial?

The process is quite relaxing and invigorating to the skin. Trending right now with a number of celebrity clients, oxygen facials are considered a quick fix for skin imperfections, including discoloration, scarring, fine lines and dryness. The process involves a stream of pressurized oxygen sprayed onto the skin in the form of atomized moisturizers. This in turn, helps plump the surface of the skin and thereby give it a smoother, clearer appearance.

What are Some Oxygen Facial Benefits?

When talking about the benefits of this type of anti-aging facial, we really are dealing with skin repair and refinement at the cellular level. According to Dr. Marina Peredo, this is an ideal and non-painful way to fight the telltale signs of aging that begin to show up as we get older.

  • An Oxygen facial provides immediate results. Unlike something like Botox for instance, you see the plumpness and suppleness of the skin right away. You feel better about how you look and more confident in your complexion instantly.
  • Collagen Production Boost. Collagen is what gives skin its elasticity. With an oxygen facial, the blood circulation is enhanced, which means collagen production is as well.
  • Helps moisturize dry skin. The process is about moisturization. To this end, those experiencing dry or cracked skin will notice a new softness and glow following their oxygen facial.
  • There are no side effects. Again, unlike something like Botox or fillers, an oxygen facial is painless and once done there are no side effects, just healthier looking skin!

Oxygen Facial Benefits | Anti-Aging Facial | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

Oxygen Facials at Inspire Day Spa.

A premier Phoenix area spa, Inspire specializes in advanced skincare treatments. Our highly skilled staff is on hand to discuss your skin needs, see what areas need targeting and design a treatment especially for you.

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