As skincare technology gets progressively better, spas are able to offer more advanced techniques and treatments, ones that get amazing results. One such treatment option: the oxygen facial. You might be asking what is an oxygen facial…Essentially, the oxygen facial is designed to deliver oxygen molecules directly into the epidermis. These molecules then combine with the specialized serums that are applied. The reaction between the two helps boost collagen production and thus gives you firmer, plumper looking skin. At Inspire Day Spa in Scottsdale, we have guests come in all the time asking “what is an oxygen facial?” and more importantly, “how will it benefit me?” Below we break down some of the benefits of this spa treatment.

What is an Oxygen Facial? | Scottsdale | Inspire Day SpaUnderstanding the Benefits of the Oxygen Facial

Obviously, given the advanced technology involved, there are going to be some truly powerful benefits associated with this treatment.

  • Boosts collagen. As mentioned, the oxygen facial, because of the science involved, does stimulate natural collagen production. Collagen is what gives skin its elasticity and firmness.
  • Regenerates skin cells. The presence of infused oxygen actually helps to hasten cell regeneration.
  • Helps with scarring. Because of this cell turnover, scars heal faster. So if you do for instance suffer from acne scarring, the oxygen facial will help diminish the look of those blemishes.
  • Repairs damaged skin. Particularly sun damage can certainly take its toll on the skin’s surface. Oxygen infused directly into this surface moisturizes, repairs and makes skin radiant and fresh again.
  • Results are immediate. You will notice smoother, more lustrous skin as soon as your Scottsdale oxygen facial is done.

Are There Side Effects with an Oxygen Facial?

We do often get questions regarding any potential side effects and also those questions concerning after care. There is absolutely no pain with an oxygen facial; in fact, many have described it as soothing and quite pleasant. And the reaction of the oxygen with the serums causes an increased blood flow to the area treated.

As far as any side effects, if you tend to have sensitive skin, there could be some slight redness and irritation depending on the serums used. This generally subsides right away however. This is why consulting first with an esthetician is key. They will assess your skin, talk about any potential issues, and determine if an oxygen facial is right for you. There is zero downtime with this type of facial treatment. In fact, you can even reapply makeup right afterward if you so choose.

What is an Oxygen Facial? | Scottsdale | Inspire Day SpaAt Scottsdale’s Inspire Day Spa, we completely understand that your spa treatment represents a luxurious and relaxing day away. You’re letting life slow down for a bit, savoring the experience, and relishing all of the pampering. This is exactly what we want you to feel at our facility. Situated lakeside, the spa offers our clients that best of everything. No detail is spared. From the all organic LeClair Skincare products we use, to the expertise of our staff, we ensure that your spa day is one you’ll never forget!

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How Can We Help?