So why might you need a facial?  At Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa in Phoenix, we have tons of clients who come to us for facials.  Whether they’re trying to rejuvenate their skin, take years off, or deal with problematic issues, we generally have a facial to fit their needs.  And given that we use Eminence products, an all organic online that many celebrities rave about, it makes the experience that much better.  The newest facial to join our featured treatments, is the Oxygeneo facial.  When searching for a day spa that does Oxygeneo Scottsdale AZ style, you want to make sure that they have aestheticians that are up to date when it comes to the latest in beauty techniques and skincare treatments.oxygeneo scottsdale az inspire day spa

Getting a facial is about more than just the products used though and the steps involved with the treatment.  It really is about an overall relaxing experience that takes you away from life are just a while.  This is the feeling that we strive to give every single one of our guests. When they come in for an Oxygeneo facial az, a hydrafacial, or any that we have on our menu.

Why Get OxyGeneo Scottsdale az?

We wanted to look here at some of the reasons that clients come in and ask for an Oxygeneo facial.  Beyond of course the typical motivating factors, there are also a few that you may not have thought of before.  Keep reading!

  • Environmental stresses. Think about it, what sorts of things are in the air?  Pollutants, debris, dirt and dust, even sunshine.  Environmental elements all have an effect upon our skin.  And over time, this can cause your complexion to look dull even damaged.  An Oxygeneo facial or any such facial goes a long way toward repairing what  the environment can do.
  • If you’re a smoker. Hand in hand with environmental elements, smoking can certainly cause problems for your skin.  The toxins aside, even the act of smoking can hasten the development of wrinkles in certain areas.
  • Getting advice. For the course of an hour, or however long the aesthetician is going to work on your skin, they will also be examining the condition of that skin.  Remember, these are professionals, they understand what works best with certain skin conditions.  After your Oxygeneo facial, they could give you advice as to what type of skin regiment you should follow.
  • Seasonal issues. Just as the leaves change and the weather adapts, our skin also is affected by the seasons.  You don’t have the same skin that you do in summer as in winter.  An exfoliating and deep cleansing facial can help your skin better adjust.

Oxygeneo Scottsdale AZ and Inspire Day Spaoxygeneo scottsdale az inspire day spa

Of course we would love for you to book your next facial with us.  Come down to our beautiful lakeside setting, relax, look at the views, and let our professional staff work their magic when it comes to your skin.



How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?