It’s getting close to the big day. The dress is ready and waiting. Bridesmaid on high alert. Parents of the bride nervous. Now you need to take a moment to let the hoopla of the event fade away as you relax and enjoy a complete bridal spa package. Understandably, as you approach your wedding, you can start to get a bit frazzled. Trust us, we’ve seen many a Phoenix bride come in this way. Fortunately, she does not leave this way. This is why we’ve created the ultimate bridal spa package. Inspire Day Spa is not only known for its incredible treatments and ambiance, but also our gorgeous setting. Situated by a lake, we offer the total experience when it comes to calm, relaxation and bridal pampering.

Phoenix’s Best Bridal Spa Package | Inspire Day Spa

The Bridal Spa Package and Your Wedding Party: Some Dos and Don’ts

Many come to us unsure of what exactly their bridal spa package entails, what etiquette they should follow the day of, and what ultimately to expect. So this is why we’ve put together a Dos and Don’ts guide for bridal parties as they get ready to enjoy an amazing day of pampering in Phoenix!

Some Important Dos

  • Do notify the spa ahead of time of how many exactly are in your bridal party. Yes, we understand that things come up, cancellations can happen, but because it is larger number to accommodate, you do want the spa to know what to expect.
  • Do inquire about group treatments. While not all Phoenix area spas offer this option, many will allow you for instance to get manicures and pedicures as a group. There are also other treatment options that may apply.
  • Do disconnect. So this is a pretty important one when beginning your bridal spa package. At Inspire Day Spa we see all too often bridal parties come in and half or more are glued to their phones. This is supposed to be a day of relaxation, a day of serenity. The phone can wait.

Some Important Don’ts

  • Don’t book at the last minute. Again, because you are a bigger party, trying to schedule something on the fly or last minute probably is not going to result in the experience you hope. Do your research, find that Phoenix spa that will cater to you and book well in advance.
  • Don’t disregard a night spa trip. Plenty of Arizona spas do in fact have bridal spa packages designed for later in the day, even nighttime. Take your spa experience outside of the box and try something different.


When Booking Your Phoenix Based Bridal Spa Package

Phoenix’s Best Bridal Spa Package | Inspire Day Spa

Special Occasion? We specialize in Bridal Parties and Group events.

Now that you’ve decided to go for the spa day in celebration of the big day, you want to be sure to research relevant spas and find the one that has what you need. Again, at Inspire Day Spa, we are all about the total experience. Inside we have well appointed rooms that lend themselves to peace and tranquility. We have professionals trained in the latest techniques. We have an all organic product line that leaves skin feeling silky smooth. And then of course, outside we are surrounded by the majesty of the lake. There really is no better spa for your bridal party.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?