It’s an amazing time. You’re expecting–the excitement is palpable. Soon, your life will be changed in a very big way. Certainly, you are doing everything you can during your pregnancy to ensure that your baby is well cared for and ready to come into the world. You also, however, need to take care of yourself as well. The foods you eat, the exercises you do, the classes you take are all geared toward keeping the mom-to-be happy and healthy. Prenatal massage is something that can dramatically help you feel more relaxed and more comfortable during your pregnancy.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, massage during pregnancy  helps to reduce anxiety and relieve muscle tension. It can also help improve the progress of your labor. At Inspire Day Spa, we specialize in helping expectant moms unwind and experience a heightened sense of calmness and peace with our prenatal massage techniques. Plus, our Phoenix based lakeside location makes it all the more relaxing, even during those later weeks of pregnancy.

Prenatal Massage Phoenix and Scottsdale

Is Prenatal Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

This is a question we get asked often. And the answer: absolutely. Even everyone’s go-to for health info, WebMD, lists pregnancy massage or massage during your prenatal period as safe. Check it out here: Among the benefits: decreased stress levels, it helps with pregnancy back pain, and enhances your sleep patterns.

What Can I Expect During My Prenatal Massage?

How about relaxation and utter comfort. How about the tension you’ve been carrying in your muscles being released. The expectant mothers who come to Inspire Day Spa and New Serenity Spa know that they are in talented and highly qualified hands. Some tips to help you prepare:

  • Don’t be afraid to communicate. Especially with our mothers-to-be, we want your prenatal massage to be a true 50 minutes during which you can just let everything else melt away. If there’s an area that’s sensitive, if something feels uncomfortable, always let us know.
  • It’s best to wait until the second trimester. Most experts will agree that prenatal massage is most helpful and safest after the first trimester.
  • Generally the therapist will use a combination of techniques. From Swedish massage, to lymphatic and deep tissue, a combination often works most effectively when dealing with the pregnancy body.
  • The best position for a massage during your prenatal time is on your side. Also, a semi-reclining position may work as well. You obviously never want to lay on your stomach. And depending what trimester you’re in, try to avoid lying flat on your back.

Prenatal Massage Phoenix and Scottsdale

Inspire Day Spa and Prenatal Massage

If you want to find out more about the types of prenatal and pregnancy massage that we offer, simply give us a call or come on in. Let us pamper you and help you relax before the baby comes and the real fun begins!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?

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