As can sometimes happen, the spark in a relationship starts to fizzle a bit. That wild craziness of the beginning stages transitions into comfort and routine. Especially when given the pressures of daily life, the demands of children and work, romance can often take a back burner. Ignoring the signs of a fading romance can be dangerous to the relationship. You need to do things to invigorate the relationship, to get that spark back again. A romantic couples massage may be just the way to do that!

Focusing on strengthening the relationship and keeping romance alive takes work sometimes, and sometimes it can be incredibly fun. At Inspire Spa, we love to see couples come in together. Our beautiful lakeside Scottsdale location may exactly what you need to revive the passion and create an incredible memory.

Signs That Your Relationship May Be in Trouble

Don’t just take your relationship for granted. Don’t let the romance go by the way side. Looking for the warning signs and knowing when you need to be proactive can help keep a relationship alive.

  • According to Psychology Today, communication that tends toward the more hostile side is definitely a cause for concern. They warn that throwing the word “you” about too much can mean there’s something wrong. Or, if respect seems to be missing from your words, you may be headed for that rocky place.
  • You start to shy away from hanging with the other’s friends or family. This can certainly be a danger sign. Pulling apart and refusing to take an interest in the people central to your loved one’s life may be a sign that you need to so something different for the relationship.
  • You become instantly defensive. The other person may not even be accusing you of anything and yet your instinct is to jump on the defensive. This is not good and it is most definitely not good as far as bolstering the romance facet of your relationship.
  • You are intimate far less than you once were. Perhaps one of the biggest telltale signs of a relationship in trouble, not experiencing that close physical contact has led to numerous relationships demises.

How Can You Restore the Romance?

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If you’re invested in the relationship and want to make it work, you need to bring the romance back! Spend some quality one-on-one time together, enjoy a romantic outing, even take a class together such as cooking or dancing. Also, a romantic couples massage can certainly help. Imagine having every fiber of your body relaxed, the dim lighting, soft music, luxurious aromas. And your partner is there beside you. Both Inspire Spa and New Serenity Spa offer incredible romantic couples massage deals. Stop in today and keep that romance alive!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?