Valentine’s Day is for lovers. It’s for celebrating romance and passion and for spending quality time with the one you love. Romantic messages can be a wonderful way to experience relaxation and to let your muscles loosen and unwind, while doing something truly meaningful together.

Did you know that couples who visit spas together and who engage in romantic messages often find that their bond is strengthened? They get a renewed sense of why they fell in love in the first place. At Inspire Day Spa in Phoenix, we love to see happy couples come in and enjoy the wonderful and soothing treatments we have to offer.

Romantic messages | Valentine’s massages | Inspire Spa | Phoenix

The Benefits of Romantic Messages: 7 Ways Your Relationship Will Grow Stronger

  • It may become a habit. According to an article in Health, a study showed that of 38 couples who participated in professional romantic messages for a three week period, 74% found it so invigorating to their relationship that they continued on their own afterward.
  • It’s much needed alone time. Especially if you have kids, getting away just the two of you can seem impossible. The couples massages at Inspire or New Serenity are designed to allow you that reconnection time, that luxury of alone time.
  • Stress can hamper a relationship. Stress is a huge relationship killer. Frustration and anxiety and the pressures of daily life fester, until you take it out on your partner. This is never a good way to handle it. Romantic messages at a stunning lakeside day spa such as Inspire, help ease tension. Our therapists know exactly how to melt that stress away so that you can enjoy each other.
  • Pain can also hamper a relationship. If you are constantly aching, or you suffer from stiff muscles and joints, this can certainly derail your love life. If you want that intimacy back, then a professional massage may be just what the doctor ordered. A romantic couples massage—even better.


Inspire and New Serenity: The Best Place for Romantic Messages

Romantic messages | Valentine’s massages | Inspire Spa | Phoenix

Scottsdale has plenty of luxurious spas, but perhaps none specializes in helping you get the romance back like Inspire Day spa and our sister spa New Serenity. Dim lights, amazing aromatherapy options, the talented and highly skilled massage technique of our therapists—this makes for a utterly romantic experience. Not to mention, just look at the location. It really doesn’t get any better or more passion-inspiring than this. Check us out and do something wonderful for your relationship!

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