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When it comes to our skin, so many of us take for granted that we know what type of skin we have and consequently what type of products we need to be using.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. And what happens is that we buy products they just aren’t a good fit for our specific complexion. Whether the issue is dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin or even normal skin, you need to be informed and thus have the understanding necessary to make the right choices as far as what to put on your skin.

We wanted to put together a brief overview of skin types, facials and information regarding skincare in general.  Remember, this is the only skin you have, and therefore for taking care of it and what’s more, being educated regarding what you can do to give yourself a more radiant and rejuvenated complexion is so incredibly important.  This is about helping you look better, feel better and be more confident. Fortunately, we live in a day and age where there are some miraculous treatments for dealing with a wide range of issues.

Be it a specialized spa facial or even things that you can do at home, there are wonderful new products and techniques to help cope with even more stubborn skin conditions.  It’s simply a matter of understanding and identifying what will work for you.

Part I: Understanding Your Skin

Overview: Skin Types

Skin types can range from dry to oily to sensitive, among others, and as such, everyone requires a different regimen in order to deal with the issues that they may be experiencing. Here’s the thing, many of us simply aren’t sure which skin type applies specifically to us. Throw in the fact that some have a combination of skin types, and you can clearly see how this can all get confusing.

So how exactly do you identify which skin type might be most relevant to you, and also how do you pick those products that are geared toward addressing your skin. With the right cleansers, masks and toners, proper care and an adherence to a skincare regimen that actually works, you can successfully fight the negative effects of dry, oily or sensitive skin.

How To Determine Your Skin Type

Before simply going to the store or shopping online for a random product that may not be tailored to your skin needs, it is critical to first determine what skin type you have. Really, the easiest way to figure out under what category your skin falls is to carefully observe it. What we mean by that is this: Wash your face thoroughly with warm water and a gentle cleanser as prescribed by your daily home care routine. Pat completely dry and then wait approximately twenty to thirty minutes.

After this period, you should start to notice something about your skin. For instance, is there a sheen appearing in spots such as on your forehead or nose? This probably means that your skin tends toward the oily side. On the other hand, are you experiencing an almost “tightening” sensation? This is a sign of dry skin. If your skin maintains a more uniform luster than that would mean your skin is normal. And when it comes to sensitive skin, you may on occasion notice redness, perhaps even some itching when exposed to certain types of products and/or facial cleansers.  

What are the Pros and Cons of Each of the Skin Types?

With each type of skin condition mentioned above, there are definitely pros and cons to consider.

  • Dry Skin: You won’t have that shiny look that often accompanies oily skin, and you are also less prone to acne. However, dry skin is also considered to be on the sensitive side and unless it is kept moisturized, can show fine lines and wrinkles easier.
  • Oily Skin: Because your skin does have more innate moisture it does tend to age slower. That said, it does have a shinier appearance throughout the day, especially in those particularly oily spots.z
  • Normal Skin: Fortunately, this skin type is fairly balanced; as long as it is taken care of correctly, it will stay this way.
  • Sensitive Skin: With sensitive skin types you want to be very careful about which products you choose to put on your face. Sticking to gentle and most likely organic products, you should be able to maintain a more radiant complexion.
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Maintaining Your Skin…Regardless of Type

Whatever the skin type, you want to ensure that the products you are using address the specific issues and challenges your skin poses. When creating the LeClair Skincare Product Line, for instance, we focused on developing skincare products that were specific to dry, oily, normal and sensitive skin. If you do suffer from oily skin, you may first want to use a cleanser such as the Pure Eucalyptus Cleanser. The extracts in this promote a healthier complexion without the shine. You might then choose to use our Pure Green Tea Toner. This brings much-needed antioxidants to your skin.

If yours is drier skin, then perhaps opt for the Pure Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser. Did you know that coconut provides more nourishment and moisture than many other natural ingredients? Couple that with a Pure Avocado Moisturizer, such that is packed with Vitamins A, D and E and your dry skin will get a much needed infusion of hydration

For sensitive skin types, you also want to make sure that the products are gentle and organic. What can be better for your skin that that which nature herself produces! The Pure Mango Butter Mask is especially designed for those with a sensitive skin type. Replete with phytosterols, it has a calming effect, soothing otherwise red and potentially inflamed skin.

Skin Conditions To Be Aware Of

Beyond just identifying what kind of skin you have, you may also be experiencing more specific problems with your complexion.  Perhaps you suffer from acne outbreaks, or maybe rosacea, some people also have to deal with things like hyperpigmentation or issues stemming from having larger pores.  And while, with some of these skin conditions there are no 100% cures, you can purchase products that help to control and keep these issues in check. Below are just a few of the problems that people may experience when it comes to their complexion.  And again, in developing the LeClair Skincare Product line, we have taken many of these problems into consideration. Meaning, we’ve created products that help to mitigate some of the symptoms, thereby keeping your skin fresh and glowing.

Acne Outbreak

Blemishes and full-on acne outbreaks are something that many contend with. Generally caused by excess oil on the skin’s surface which then leads to clogged pores, acne is treatable, and if you care for your skin properly, it is also in part preventable. We all know those telltale red pimples and bumps can be painful, so make sure that you are using the right product for this skin condition. When developing the LeClair Skincare line, we created a number of acne fighting products. For instance, the Corrective RX 911 Blemish Control Serum combats surface oils without clogging pores, plus it gives the face a much fresher glow.


Rosacea is generally brought on by abnormalities in the face’s blood vessels. This in turn brings about a redness; rosacea is also marked by smallish bumps that can resemble acne. There is no known cure, but with the right products you can keep this skin condition in check. One of the major benefits of our Pure Sugarcane Microderm Peel is that it helps to even out skin tone. A very gentle peel, it contains numerous floral acids that provide tremendous nourishment to the skin.

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We all want to fight the fine lines that come with aging. We’ve developed skin care products that can actually help firm and tone the skin, thereby alleviating the look of wrinkles. A Pure Mango Butter Mask works to restore your skin’s radiance and youthful glow, while preserving its elasticity.

Sun Damage

Damage from UV rays can certainly take their toll—this is one skin condition you want to try and prevent for a number of critical reasons. Trying our Pure Pineapple Papaya Enzyme Peel really promotes healing from the inside out.  The enzymes in the product work against damage from the sun and leave you with a smoother and brighter looking complexion.

Large Pores

We may not be able to help the fact that we have large pores, but we can use products that promote a reduction of pore size. Pure Green Tea Toner for instance, rich in Vitamin C and critical antioxidants, helps to minimize pore size if used regularly.

Lack of Firmness

As we age, sometimes the skin has a tendency to sag. And so, finding products that tighten and firm up your skin is important. We developed the Corrective RX Ultrapure Hyaluronic Acid Serum with this in mind. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps but does so without leaving an oily residue or clogging pores.


This particular skin condition is characterized by a notable unevenness in skin tone. We all of course strive to have a balanced looking complexion. By using a toner such as our Pure Acai and Lemongrass Toner, you get the benefits of extracts heavy in antioxidants that also serve to even out your skin tone.

Skin and Climate: Why It’s Important To Understand the Effects

Depending on where exactly in the country you live, your weather and climate is obviously going to be different, and as a result your skin will react a certain way.  For instance, those who live in southern parts will have to deal with the excessive humidity during the spring and summer; whereas out west humidity is not as much of a concern as damaging the UV rays are.

Why do you need to keep the weather and temperature in mind when trying to determine your skincare regimen?  Because at different times of the year, your skin is going to be, well, different. There’s no getting around this.  This skin is the largest organ in the body; it comprises approximately 20 square feet. This means it is going to have ample exposure to the elements.  Everything from dirt and debris in the air, to the sun’s rays, to pollutants, to heat as well as cold are therefore going to affect the look and even feel of your skin.  You need to be aware of this and subsequently take steps to help your complexion maintain a balanced and radiant sheen. Below are just some tips when it comes to more effectively dealing with your skin given certain climatic conditions.

During the Summer Months

  • Summertime in the north part of the country consists of moderately hot temps and plenty of humidity. Humidity in turn leads to skin that tends toward the oily side. This is why you need the kinds of summer skincare products that help absorb excess moisture and thus prevent your face from appearing perennially shiny looking. Here is where toners work really well—The Pure Green Tea Toner was developed to hydrate skin while at the same time minimizing surface oils.
  • In the south, summers can present a multitude of weather conditions. It is not uncommon for it to be extremely humid at times, and then super dry other times. In preparing to deal with your “summer skin” in the south, you want to make sure you have a balance of products, especially when it comes to cleansers. A really good one to try might be LeClair’s Pure Coconut Oatmeal Cleanser. With this you get the best of both worlds. The active ingredients in the coconut provide hydration and moisture, while balanced perfectly by the oatmeal which serves to remove dead skin cells and neutralize the oils on the skin’s surface.
  • On the west coast one of your biggest issues, as previously mentioned, is going to be the damaging effects of UV rays. You need to have skincare products that both protect and repair to this extent. For instance, we offer a Pure Apple Stem Cell Night Cream that actually works to restore your skin at the most fundamental levels. It ultimately hydrates, brightens and fights the signs of aging!

During the Winter Months

  • With that furnace blasting away all winter, the air inside your north-based home is going to be dry—much drier than in the spring and summer. This is why keeping your skin hydrated is crucial. With the LeClair Skincare Product Line, we offer a variety of “winter skincare” products that can certainly help you keep your complexion looking soft and supple. The Pure Blackberry Moisturizer for example, is designed to not only hydrate, but lightly coat the skin to lock in that essential moisture.
  • The south experiences a very unique winter situation you might say, as they cope with both dryness but also excessive humidity at times. It is therefore important to pay extra attention to your winter skincare regime if you live in this part of the country. One thing you might try is our Corrective RX Mandelic Serum. What this does is to both gently exfoliate, thereby removing dead skin cells, and also evens out pigmentation issues. The result: a glowing winter complexion.

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  • While the west doesn’t have the intense cold of the north, there is a pervasive dampness in some areas. And this in turn equates to humidity. How does humidity affect skin…Well, if you already have oily skin, this could create more of a problem for you. That is why you might think about using a mineral based mask such as the Pure Red Lava Mineral Mask to help keep the oils in check.

Your Skincare Regimen: Yes, It’s Important

Maintaining a regular skincare routine is absolutely vital to having fresh, glowing skin. Many people however, aren’t aware of the tremendous benefits of establishing a regimen and the sticking to it. Here is a brief overview of what a truly in-depth and effective skincare routine entails. Each step is necessary for its own reason, and each step ensures a far more rejuvenated complexion in the end.

Step 1: Deep Cleansing

More than simply splashing some water and some random soap product on your face you want to make sure that you are genuinely cleansing the skin’s surface after a day of being exposed to dirt, debris, makeup and other elements. And you want a facial cleanser that is designed for your skin, be it oily, dry or sensitive.

With LeClair’s Corrective RX Deep Foaming Cleanser for example, you get a gentle overall exfoliation with a product that contains ingredients like lemongrass, lime extract, as well as Aloe Vera. The experience of washing your face is suddenly transformed into that which feels like a spa facial! And you’re left with more balanced and softer skin.

Step 2: Toning

When using a toner, you are actually working to essentially stabilize the skin. After cleansing your face with a gentle, organic cleanser, you want to apply the toner on your face, neck and décolletage using a saturated cotton pad. There could very well be residue left behind on your skin, even after washing—this is why toning is critical. Not to mention, a toner performs the function of soothing and calming.

Skin Hydration - LeClair Skin Care ScottsdaleUsing our Pure Green Tea Toner, you get the benefits of an organic extract which offers protection from sun damage, infuses the skin’s surfaces with antioxidants, and also helps to slow down the aging process as can be seen in your complexion.

Step 3: Moisturizing

Everyone needs to moisturize when it comes to their skincare routine.  Daily, your skin needs replenishment and hydration in order to look firmer and thus younger. The LeClair Skincare Product line features a number of amazing choices when it comes to helping your skin stay smooth and get replenished.

The Pure Blackberry Moisturizer for instance, offers terrific protection—blackberries are rich in antioxidants after all. Blended with other all-natural fruit extracts, this product actually serves to detoxify your skin while it soothes and softens.

Step 4: Night Care

Performing a nightly skincare routine is so important, as while you sleep, your skin has time to absorb key ingredients so that you wake up with a more even, fresher appearance. Utilizing a facial mask after cleansing and just prior to going to bed, gives you the benefits of a spa at home. And by taking in the organic, good-for-you ingredients, your skin is getting crucial vitamins, minerals and even Omega 3’s.

Try the Pure Mango Butter Facial Mask—it doesn’t get any more natural than that. Especially if your skin type is more sensitive, this product is gentle and has an overall soothing effect. Containing not only mango butter, this particular mask also has green tea, sunflower seed oil as well as Shea oil. All ingredients which work to soften and hydrate.

Part II: Professional Skincare Options

So we’ve touched upon some of the products available to help deal with certain skin types, various skin conditions, as well as helping your skin to adjust to some specific weather induced circumstances.  Beyond this though, beyond buying all natural, organic products devised to repair damaged skin cells, heal, and restore a smoother and suppler look, are there other things that you can be doing to proactively keep your skin healthy?

Certainly, there are at home masks and more in-depth facial protocols you can look into.  You might also consider visiting a spa or a cosmetic dermatologist and having a professional facial or advanced skincare treatment performed.

LeClair products were developed in part as a result of years of perfecting our signature facial treatments.  Exclusively offered at New Serenity and Inspire Day Spa, our facials really take into consideration the various phases that your skin goes through and subsequently addresses the needs of your complexion at a very fundamental level.  Really, with any spa facial you are going to benefit from a more intensive cleansing, exfoliation, as well as hydration.

Facials By Type

There are a number of different types of facials that you can have as performed by a professional. It really depends on your needs and preference. Prior to scheduling your facial, you really want to take some time and consider what type of skincare treatment you’re looking for. For instance, these might be some of the questions you ask yourself:

  • Is my skin dry or oily?
  • Do I want to target fine lines and wrinkles?
  • Is acne something that I am currently struggling with?
  • Does my complexion seem lackluster and not as bright as it could otherwise be?

Coming up with the answers to these will help guide your facial decision. Some of the more popular spa facials you can choose:  

  • Skin Brightening Facial: It bears repeating, our skin is daily exposed to the elements and as a result can become damaged and dull. The benefit of any skin brightening facial is that it works to treat that which damages the pigment ultimately helping to restore your skin’s glow.
  • Anti-aging Facial: Worrying about wrinkles as we get older is natural. With this type of facial, those fine lines begin to diminish. Your skin, in the end, appears firmer and plumper. It really does take years off!
  • Teen/Acne Facial: Teens deal with a host of changes as they grow and so the facial they receive should accommodate their more sensitive complexions.

Skin care Phoenix - Inspire Day SpaMost spas tend to use only higher end, organic products. This is because such products are gentler on the skin and also have numerous health benefits besides. When going for any type of spa based facial, don’t be afraid to ask questions, inquire about products used, and discuss any skin related concerns you may have.

The LeClair Organic Facial

We’ve designed an in-depth protocol that embraces the best of a number of different types of facials. An amazing 18 step process, the LeClair Organic facial leaves you feeling renewed and rehydrated. Using only all natural ingredients and products from our exclusive LeClair Skincare line, the LeClair facial also incorporates a massage element that helps to relax you. 

At our spas we are constantly seeking new treatments, new techniques, and new beauty tips and secrets that we can share with our guests and ultimately help them to feel amazing in their skin.

Step by Step Process:

  • First off, there is a soothing oil cleanse as well as a deep foam cleanser used to help degrease and get rid of makeup and debris from the surface of the skin. After that, a gommage experience which essentially removes dead skin and further cleans and prepares the surface.
  • In an effort to thoroughly exfoliate, there is then an enzyme mask which helps to purify. While this mask is doing what it needs to do, the practitioner will provide an arm massage in conjunction with a warming paraffin hand treatment.
  • Once the mask comes off, there’s a toner that goes on for a deep pore cleansing. This is followed by a hydration mask to help plump up the skin and bring added volume and smoothness.
  • A hyaluronic refresher is applied as well as eye treatment pads. During the eye treatment, the therapist will perform a scalp massage.
  • After a lip exfoliation and moisture treatment, there is a final hydration and long lasting overall moisture treatment. And then comes the big reveal with the finishing spritz.

Part III: Advanced Skincare Treatment

Beyond spa facials, there are also more intensive and comprehensive treatments suited to a variety of skin types, especially when it comes to battling more stubborn skin conditions.  Again, you can visit a spa to receive such treatments, also a cosmetic dermatologist sometimes offers these types of services. It is important to understand what any treatment is all about before having it done.

Cutting edge technology along with our growing body of knowledge when it comes to how certain ingredients impact our skin, have made for some very exciting breakthroughs in the world of advanced skincare treatments.  From hydrafacials, to microdermabrasion, to Oxygeneo, we are now able to not only help restore healthy skin, but to make skin look far more luminescent than it did before.

The Hydrafacial

One of latest trend in facials: hydrafacials. A fairly new approach to an otherwise traditional facial, hydrafacials are extremely popular. So what exactly is it? It is a technique designed to help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as provide an overall exfoliation. For those with oily skin, clogged pores or pigmentation issues, a hydrafacial might just be the perfect solution.

As with any facial, the process is ultimately a very soothing one. In the case of hydrafacials, you are getting an even more intense treatment that is completely noninvasive and designed to make your skin glow.  It first starts with a thorough exfoliation of the surface of the skin. This is done ever so gently with a tool designed to extract dirt and oil buildup.

Immediately after, once the skin is cleaned, an acid peel intended to get rid of all of the dead skin is applied. You will instantly begin to see the difference as your complexion looks rejuvenated. Clients ultimately leave with a more youthful glow. Finally, the skin is moisturized with a serum which helps to protect it and also enhance it by integrating vitamins as well as essential minerals.  

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Oxygeneo – 3 in 1 Super Facial

Yet another new type of advanced treatment, Oxygeneo certainly delivers! So what exactly is this brand new facial. And how can it benefit your skin? OxyGeneo is a revolutionary approach to facials. In fact, it is being called the super facial.

The science behind this particular facial is fascinating. You essentially receive 3 facial treatments in one. Because of this, the benefits are certainly far-reaching. Among the results that clients have seen: brightened skin tone, youthful firmness, tightened pores as well as incredible hydration.

The tri-step process works as follows:

  1. A relaxing capsugen tablet is first used to clean and exfoliate the skin; this way that upper layer of skin is prepared to receive all of the active ingredients that will help firm and hydrate your complexion.
  2. NeoRevive and NeoBright are then added to the skin’s surface. These ingredients contain hyaluronic acid, peptides, and retinol among other elements which ultimately allow you to have clearer, brighter and plumper looking skin.
  3. The skin’s response causes a greater flow of oxygen rich blood to the area. Capillaries open up and the active ingredients are absorbed into the skin.

From the people who’ve experienced the OxyGeneo difference, it results in, among other things:

  • The improvement of fine lines and wrinkles—thanks to the active Retinol included in the NeoRevive.
  • Overall skin brightening—as the NeoBright contains the all-natural Kojic acid which helps to brighten and even out skin tone.
  • Pore tightening—the entire process is about a deep cleansing and reduction of pores which can otherwise trap dirt and bacteria.


With technology, new products and the latest techniques available to help fight the signs of aging and bring the radiance back, people are finding more and more ways to get healthier looking complexions. One such treatment that seems to be gaining rapidly in popularity is microdermabrasion. The microdermabrasion benefits are incredible.

So what exactly is microdermabrasion?

The process is painless and the end results fabulous. Essentially the aesthetician uses a machine which features a motor powered wand. This wand has fine crystals on it that serve to buff the skin. It removes all of the impurities and dead layers from the surface of the skin, leaving behind a youthful glow and luster. Following the microdermabrasion itself, topical serums are applied which hydrate and moisturize.

What are some of the benefits?

  • This is a great treatment for any skin type. Whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin, microdermabrasion can help improve the overall contour, texture and luminescence of the skin’s surface.
  • Microdermabrasion benefits extend to acne scars. If you do happen to suffer from acne scars, this particular process is ideal for helping to remove the bacteria and debris that may be lingering on the skin. It also helps break down the scar tissue and create a smoother look and feel.
  • You see results immediately. After treatment, you will instantly notice how soft and supple your skin feels and how truly gorgeous it looks.
  • A great way to reduce the look of wrinkles. You don’t just have to live with the signs of aging. Another of the microdermabrasion benefits: it greatly diminishes the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles.

Certainly, there is a lot more to skincare then what you see in this newsletter.  We just wanted to offer you a general overview as you start to think about the type of skin you have and the unique needs of your complexion.  Just as no two people are alike, no two complexions are alike and therefore it is so important to really take the time and evaluate what types of products and treatments are going to work best for you.

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?