The state of Arizona has plenty to offer. The Grand Canyon, Sedona, the thriving and exciting city of Phoenix, all of the national parks and lakes. Perhaps this is why Arizona is one of the country’s most popular states to visit. What’s another great thing to do here…visit a day spa. Any day AZ is a part of your travel plans, it’s always a great time to investigate the spas we have to offer!

Inspire Day Spa is a new and fresh take on your typical day spa. With our gorgeous lakeside setting and comprehensive services designed to pamper and relax, this truly is where a spa meets a retreat!

Ways in which a spa really is a retreat

How exactly is a day spa like a retreat, and why should you include Inspire Day Spa on your Arizona trip itinerary?

  • The focus is on healing. Not just your body and muscles, but your mind as well. We especially engage in a more holistic spa day AZ approach. Our therapists help transport you to that calm and happy inner place where you can momentarily forget about your cares. For us, wellness means a thorough experience. One that soothes the body and also uplifts the mind and soul.
  • You can enjoy the experience with friends or loved ones. Especially for instance with couples massage, you can appreciate the utter tranquility of the moment with that special person by your side.
  • The setting is absolutely breathtaking! Inspire Day Spa’s location definitely is part of the magic. The calming sounds and sights of the lake add a “retreat feel” to your spa day AZ experience.
  • You can participate in more than one spa experience. From massages, to body wraps, to facials and advanced skin care treatments, there are a variety of options for creating the perfect day in Arizona.

Inspire Day Spa: A Definite Stop in Scottsdale

If you are planning on coming to Arizona, you have to check out all that Inspire Day Spa has to offer. Why not make your trip amazingly unforgettable? Contact us today to schedule your day at the spa!

How Can We Help?

How Can We Help?