So what is the quintessential spa experience? Is it a place that has massages in gorgeously appointed rooms? Rooms marked by dim lights, soothing music, candles, fresh and inspiring and aromas. Is it a place that offers the latest in facials and skin care treatments? That must-have spa experience where, after a hydrafacial, you leave with skin that feels refreshed and ultra rejuvenated. Or is the best spa experience you can find in Phoenix one that takes place beside an amazing lake? Why choose—why not make your spa experience about all of it!

Inspire Day Spa was created with a distinct focus on a holistic approach to mind and body treatments.  Of course, as with our sister spa New Serenity Spa, we offer a number of relaxing services, from massages to facials, body scrubs and advanced skincare treatments, but we also offer guests an outdoor oasis. Ours is a retreat like no other Phoenix-area day spa.

Spa Experience | Massage & Facials | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

What You Can Expect From Your Inspire Day Spa Experience: Inside

We see ourselves as the ultimate double threat—absolutely soothing and rejuvenating treatments, and a lakeside setting that really does mimic paradise.

  • Hot stone massage is incredible. Experience the deeply relaxing heat from the stones as they imbue your system with greater energy.
  • Our hydrafacial is all about truly cleansing the skin while infusing it with greater moisture. The results: a stunning, much smoother look.
  • Body wraps are all the rage. With our seaweed and mud wraps especially, the impurities are drawn out of your system and you are left feeling most refreshed.
  • Swedish massage is always a day spa classic. Plenty of Phoenix spas offer this treatment, but none quite like Inspire Day Spa. Our therapists really are the best in the business—you’ll just have to experience it for yourself.

Spa Experience | Massage & Facials | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

Your Inspire Day Spa Outdoor Experience

Now here is where we definitely set ourselves apart from other Arizona spas. Lake Marguerite is breathtaking to behold. The lapping water, the graceful birds flying overhead, the gentle sounds of nature. This isn’t just your average trip to the spa; this is a day long vacation, your chance to get away from it all for awhile.

  • Sit on the balcony and take it all in while sipping your favorite tea or coffee. Watch as the eagles soar over the lake. Enjoy the walkers and hikers exploring the bounty of Lake Marguerite. Do whatever you like as you partake of the natural landscape that our location has to offer.
  • Bring a picnic. After your relaxing treatment, what could be better than enjoying a picnic by the lake. There are plenty of benches and places to sit.
  • Rent a bike from us. We want to make it so that you have every opportunity to enjoy the lake as you wish. An exhilarating bike ride around the lake—yeah, that sounds pretty good to us too!
  • Take a break and read. How often in the hectic pace of your life, do you get to just veg and read? Sitting outside, listening to the birds, the water, and losing yourself in a novel makes for a very good day.

Spa Experience | Massage & Facials | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

A Spa Experience You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Our goal was to build something different, to offer visitors an oasis in the city. Inspire Day Spa genuinely wants to make you feel as though you are immersed in a whole new world during your time with us. The gorgeous facility, stunning views, amazing therapists and wide selection of treatments are guaranteed to make it so that you never want to leave.



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