Have you ever wondered what exactly you can find and/or do at a day spa? Especially for those who have never been, you may not be familiar with the types of treatment that spas offer. Spa experiences throughout the Scottsdale area can vary widely. From those that focus mainly on massage, to those specializing in advanced skincare treatments and facials, you can find a spa to fit any need. At Inspire Day Spa, we like to offer our guests all of the traditional spa treatments along with some cutting edge ones as well.

If you’re curious about different spa experiences available, keep reading and find out exactly what you can expect from your spa visit.

Spa Experiences | Massages and Facial | Inspire Day Spa | Scottsdale

Inspire Day Spa’s Spa Experiences

Along with our sister spa, New Serenity Spa, we pride ourselves on being a comprehensive day spa. This means we feature a variety of traditional as well as specialty massages. We have a wide array of spa-based facials. We also offer body scrubs, body wraps and different types of all-inclusive body treatments. Below is just a sampling of what the ultimate spa experience embodies.

  • All types of massages, from Swedish to Hot Stone. Typically, when clients come in for a massage, they are seeking relief from joint and muscle pain. They may also just need some stress relief. Most day spas can certainly accommodate. At Inspire Day Spa in Scottsdale, we first take the time to consult with the client and thus get a better feel for their specific needs. If for instance you have an injury that is aggravated, our therapist might suggest a sports massage or perhaps even a full body massage. If you’re looking to de-stress and reenergize, then a hot stone massage may be best for you. Whatever the issue or need, we have a massage that fits the bill.
  • Facials for all skin types. We’ve had guests come in looking to address dry and cracked skin. Some want to fight the signs of aging, while others are looking for deep exfoliation. Our aestheticians are highly trained as far as all of the latest facial practices and techniques. Oxygen facials deeply rejuvenate. Whereas more traditional facials are meant to smooth your skin and bring the glow back to your complexion. We also offer a number of advanced skincare treatments which address the skin’s needs on a cellular level.
  • As far as spa experiences go, Inspire Day Spa offers something that most others cannot—an outdoor landscape that greatly enhances your visit. Situated by Lake Marguerite, our spa gives clients the benefit of all that the water has to offer. From watching as bikers and walkers leisurely go around the lake, to waterside picnics, to the gorgeous plant life surrounding the lake, Inspire Day Spa truly has it all.

One of the Best Spa Experiences of Your Life

Spa Experiences | Massages and Facial | Inspire Day Spa | Scottsdale

According to a Huffington Post piece, spending time outdoors, particularly lakeside, not only helps your mood, but can also benefit your spiritual health. This is precisely why we built Inspire Day Spa where we did. Come and see for yourself; experience the best of everything we have to offer.


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