Spa experiences run the gamut. From a comprehensive day spa offering everything from advanced skincare to full body massage, to resort spas, where the spa experience combines with hotel and dining. At Inspire Day Spa, we focus on one thing: our guests’ complete satisfaction. With the treatments, products and services we offer, we know that our clients are receiving the best among Arizona day spa experiences.

What might be some unexpected services, treatments and programs that spas offer? We thought it would be interesting to check out what some of the more, let’s say, exotic spa services are around the globe.

Spa Experiences| Massages & Facials | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

Exotic Spa Experiences: Do They Really Offer That?

  • According to Conde Nast Traveler, there are some spas in places like Austria and Germany that let clients soak in an all-natural beer bath. They fill the tubs with fizzy brew and you then get to soak in the vitamins and minerals.
  • Did you know in some countries including several Asian countries, there is such a thing as a snake massage? They literally cover your back in snakes as they slither away at your massage. Um, we’re definitely not sure about that one.
  • There’s a spa in Italy that is known for it’s hay baths. They soak freshly cut hay and then completely cover the client’s body with it. It is done this way so that the hay’s just released oils can absorb into the skin.
  • Again in another Italian spa, you can enjoy the experience of a facials composed of caviar. They claim that the caviar helps to make skin appear firmer and more toned.
  • Speaking of expensive facials, there’s a spa in Japan that offers a 24k gold facial. The belief is that the gold helps spur the growth of new skin cells.

Spa Experiences| Massages & Facials | Inspire Day Spa | Phoenix

Spa Experiences You Can Wrap Your Mind Around

At both New Serenity Spa and Inspire Day Spa, we stick to techniques, treatments and products that are relaxing, beneficial and definitely on the less strange side. We just aren’t into the whole snake thing…If you want to enjoy a Swedish massage, or a deep tissue massage in a candlelit room with soft music and luxurious essential oils, then we have just the treatment for you. Our therapists know how to pamper guests, they know what works and they know how to ease the tension in your muscles. We do use a holistic approach. A massage or facial even, can be about both the body and the mind. You come to us for total relaxation and peace after all.


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