Date night is a great tradition. Time away from the kids, a moment to reconnect, and a chance to rekindle that spark that sometimes gets lost in the daily pressures of life. Why not instead of a movie, do something different this weekend? Why not try a spa night? What could be better than relaxing and feeling refreshed and reenergized with the one you love by your side. Couples massage in particular is a great option for your spa night date.

Spa Night | Couples Date Night Spa| Inspire Day Spa | Scottsdale

At Inspire Day Spa, we host couples all the time for that luxurious spa night experience. Certainly, Scottsdale has plenty to do, but we are talking romance here—so why not make it a more meaningful date night experience with a spa package?

Reasons Why a Date Night /Spa Night is a Great Idea

As parents especially, sometimes we feel guilty about leaving the kids for the night and taking time out for one another. But, did you know that having a regular date night can actually make you better parents? Working on your relationship and actually trying to do things to deepen it is beneficial for the entire family.

  • Studies have shown that couples who engage in a consistent date night event, are less likely to divorce than those who don’t.
  • According to a piece in the Huffington Post, date night is a time for personally de-stressing. You’re not necessarily worried about a to-do list, but about enjoying the moment.
  • Date nights help reintroduce fun. Being an adult can sometimes be no fun at all—this is the reality. But taking the time to do something together, can help you find the fun again.
  • An article in Redbook explains that a date night can guide you through the rough patches. We all have them, we just need to pay attention and be proactive.

Spa Night | Couples Date Night Spa| Inspire Day Spa | Scottsdale

So Why do a Spa Night?

Turning date night into spa night is a terrific idea for a few reasons.

  • It’s different. Movies, dinners are great, but the same. Once in a while in the interest of sparking something new and exciting, a spa night may be the perfect answer. Scottsdale certainly has plenty of incredible spas, and Inspire Day Spa and/or New Serenity Spa should be toward the top of your list.
  • It helps you to truly relax. Especially if you select a couples massage. You get the benefits of a soothing massage, aromatherapy, dim lights—the perfect night out.
  • It may be a new experience. If you’ve never been to a day spa before, beginning with a romantic spa night could be a wonderful introduction. Check out Inspire Day Spa and reinvent your date night for the better!

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