When planning a visit to a spa in Scottsdale, most look forward to their day of peace and tranquility with great anticipation. After all it’s a time to relax, to get away from the hectic part of life for awhile. It’s a time to take a moment for yourself. It’s not selfish, in fact it’s quite healthy and often very much needed. Did you know that when it comes to visiting spas in Scottsdale az, there are numerous medical benefits that many people just aren’t aware of? A day at a spa could really do wonders for you: body, mind and spirit!

Spas in Scottsdale az | Inspire Day Spa | Spa Massage

Health Benefits of Visiting One of the Many Wonderful Spas in Scottsdale az

Whether you’re looking to address muscles that are just sore and tired, or to rehydrate your skin,  the services that Inspire Day Spa along with our sister spa, New Serenity Spa offer are tailored to your needs. The health benefits you receive from visiting a Phoenix area spa are almost too many to mention.

  • One of the best spas Scottsdale has to offer, Inspire Day Spa focuses on a holistic approach to healing. Did you know for instance, that in Swedish massage, the therapist helps to unknot tense muscles. And they also work to create a more positive energy flow and remove negative energy blockages in the body.
  • According to the Mayo Clinic, certain types of massage, such as Deep Tissue Massage, can be used to help heal muscles. Muscles that have been torn and/or in some way damaged as a result of an injury can truly benefit. In fact, many doctors often prescribe massage to help patients heal faster and more efficiently.
  • Chronic headache sufferers, there may be hope in the timeless art of massage. Scottsdale day spas offer tons of massage options. Recent studies show that these can be used to help alleviate headache related pain.
  • Getting massages regularly is also linked to lowering blood pressure. This is huge especially for those dealing with the medications and side effects of high blood pressure. It certainly is worth asking your doctor about.

Spas in Scottsdale az | Inspire Day Spa | Spa Massage

Spas in Scottsdale az: The Premiere Choice

As far as spas in Scottsdale go, Inspire Day Spa has consistently ranked among the best. Our highly trained therapists, professional and friendly staff and gorgeous lakeside setting all combine to create a truly holistic spa experience. We would love for you to come in and see for yourself how beneficial a spa day can be!

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